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Artist Info:
Professional artist
Styles: Just about anything; very good at anime style
Email him at
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Profile page for Ryan

Ryan graduated from art school last year and is now a professional artist! Pretty impressive...and he's got the art skills to prove it, too. I'm afraid all I have are mostly pretty old pictures, but they're not bad anyway! I'll be sure to put up more artwork of Ryan's when I get a hold of some.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.

Alys Galsen
277x376, 37K
Alys Galsen

Ryan drew this picture a couple years ago and gave her a name, then asked me to make a personality for her! That picture has a lot of personality— gave me a lot to work with! As a result, Alys is an absolute blast to roleplay. ^_^
Ryan Xander
200x300, 22K
Ryan Xander

*Hides* I'll bet you Ryan is going to kill me when he finds out I posted this really old pic. *G* But I think it's really cute! It's sort of a self-portrait and also a picture of his roleplaying character, Ryan Xander.
500x373, 75K

Runecaster is one of Ryan's pet projects, a roleplaying game that has a complex set of rules and a fascinating backstory! This picture is a nifty doodle of the cast of the game.
177x253, 22K

It's everyone's favorite kender! ^_^ Ryan roleplays this Dragonlance character in Rivendell once in a while; this is a very anime style picture of him.

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All artwork is ©2001 by Ryan Youngblood.