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You steadily climb the grassy slopes of the steep, wind-swept hill, finally reaching the top, where you look down over the landscape below. It seems you can see half the Dreamworld from here. There is the Dreamlake, and over there the towers and turrets of the DreamWarrior castles, and on the far distant horizon you can even see the twilight glow and distant whiteness of the snowy Heart of the Dreamworld. Looking up, you see the stars wheeling away above you, spinning into infinity. Truly, this hilltop deserves its name Stargazer's Summit; it is the perfect place for watching the celestial dance of the heavens, and you don't wonder that Ariana so loves to come here whenever she wishes for some peace and quiet.

Welcome to Stargazer's Summit! This is a rather personal part of the Dreamworld, where I've placed a selection of my poetry. My writing is often as much for myself as it is for anyone else, but my poems have a particularly personal meaning for me. However, I do enjoy sharing a good many of the verses I write, and it always makes me feel good to know that my poetry has brought others pleasure. Read on for a small sample of the many poems I've written throughout the years.

Story Poetry
The poems here were all inspired by The Dreamworld Saga or one of the many other stories I've written. Each one has something special to do with either an event or a character in the story, or even the overall theme and purpose of the work as a whole.
Magical Poetry
My largest collection of poetry, though difficult to describe. The poems found here are inspirational, charged with emotion and vision. They are descriptive, optimistic (for the most part), and filled with dreams of adventure.
Poetry for Friends
Sometimes when a friend is going through an emotional time, whether positive or negative, the best way for me to show my sympathy or encouragement is by writing them a poem. Here you can find a small selection of these poems I've written for others.
Inspirational Poetry
These poems are mostly religious in nature, inspired by my faith and the optimistic approach I take to my beliefs. If you're feeling down and need a reminder that God's looking out for you, this is a great place to go.
Sad Poetry
Sometimes when I'm really upset or just kind of feeling down, writing a poem helps me sort out how I feel and maybe find a solution, or at least an outlet for my feelings. Often by the last few lines a ray of hope is shining through.
Love Poetry
My poetry is usually inspired by strong emotions, and if love doesn't fit that description, nothing does! Not all of these selections were written for specific people, and I think most will have some meaning for others, as well.

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All poetry 2001 by Amy Unfred