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Ryan's gallery

Whoever said that chivalry was dead hadn't met Ryan! Also known as Ry, Indy, and Sarcastro™, Master of Irony, he's witty, funny, incredibly imaginative, and basically just a really nice guy. A great deal of the Dreamworld Saga roleplay is, in fact, thanks to Ryan, his big imagination, and his talent for surprising plot twists. He's 22 and graduated last year from Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles; his art skills continually amaze us all, and he's now making forays into the world of professional art. Besides art, he also enjoys watching anime and movies, playing video games, roleplaying, attending the occasional Renaissance Faire, and writing stories. He's recently begun work on a new project, Dreamworld Saga Online— a multiplayer online video game using the Well of Souls engine, and based on the DWS world! Be sure to check it out. ^_^

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