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The Dreamworld Saga
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May 6, 2003

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Sometimes it seems as if the innocent wonder and amazement that life used to hold for us has been dimmed with time, and the world seems to be sinking, falling into darkness and despair. But even in the darkest night, hope shines through like a brilliant star, bringing color and life and goodness into this world once more. Some people find hope easier to hold onto than others; some people in this world are born with a kind of restlessness of the imagination, a kind of creativity that wells up inside them and overflows into everything they do and experience in life. For them, life holds vibrancy and possibility, and they believe that dreams can always come true, no matter how bad things get. One such person is Ariana Aislinn, a high school student whose life was changed forever when she found herself and her two best friends flung into a fantastic, magical world of dreams, destined to save that world from destruction. Little did they know where their adventures would lead them...

The Dreamworld awaits...

We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams.

~Arthur William O'Shaugnessy, "Ode"

A story spanning at least three different worlds, with a large, varied cast of characters and adventures to stir even the most jaded of hearts, The Dreamworld Saga's only limits are the limits of our own imaginations.

Welcome! You've reached the official website for The Dreamworld Saga, a novel I'm writing and a roleplaying campaign I GM online. Are you ready to begin your journey? Just click on the links at the left to get started. There you'll find stories, artwork, music, poetry, rants, and inspirational writings, all original and created by me and the other players in The Dreamworld Saga! But please note, The Dreamworld Saga and all the artwork, poems, and stories on this page (unless otherwise credited) are my original creations. They are a part of me, and they represent years of work and memories. This webpage is here for you to enjoy, but you may not use these works without permission. If you wish to use any original work on this page, please email me at with your request, which piece you wish to use, and what you wish to use it for. Thank you for cooperation, and please, enjoy your stay!

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May 6, 2003—
Wow! After two years of no updates (gah, I suck), I have finally gotten The Dreamworld Saga off of crappy Geocities (where it has been since 1997) and onto a private server! Many thanks to
Lucca for hosting my site! It will take a while to get things transferred over. I plan to do an actual update at some point, and some links may not work. They should, but things seldom happen as they're supposed to, you know. So please be patient and pardon the dust! In the meantime, go check out The Dreamworld Saga Forums! You know you want to! :D They're shiny!

April 20, 2001—
Just miscellaneous cleanup...fixing typos, broken links, etc.

April 16, 2001—
Woohoo, my first rant is up! Go to the Draconian Cliffs to read all about Atlantis! You asked for me to get a few rants up, so I's a really long one, too! See? I really do care about you! ^_^

April 11, 2001—
YES!! The new page is finally up! Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unfinished sections, but at least there are no broken links (at least there shouldn't be!), and all of The Dreamworld Saga sections have been converted from the old site. So all the old information should be here and ready for you! I hope you like the new layout; let me know what you think! As always, suggestions and comments are more than welcome. The rest of the sections will be going up (or cleaned up) over the next few weeks, as I have time. Expect the site to be completely done by mid-May or so, after I graduate (I'll be incredibly busy till then, what with my senior thesis, final dance rehearsals for next week's luau, the final choir concert, and final exams!). I'm also on the lookout for a new webhosting server...I have a couple possible options, but nothing set in stone yet. Well, I guess that's all for now...happy browsing, and have a wonderful, sunny Easter! God bless you all on this special week of remembrance. ^_^

Future updates—
  • Fix typos and broken links (please report them if you find them!)
  • Get banners and complete intros done for the main sections of the page
  • Add some reviews and some contributions to Twilight Chapel (send them my way!)
  • Make a separate page for updates
  • Rant coming soon: Luau!
  • Separate section for friends' poetry
  • More links to the links page! Missing a lot.
  • Clean up Tower of Mirrors, add and organize quotes
  • Lots more! (suggestions welcome)

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