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Over hills and valleys, mountains and plains, if you journey far enough through the Dreamworld, you will eventually reach the edge of a great ocean. It stretches out to the infinite horizon, vast beyond comprehension. Its waves crash against the shore in a steady rhythm, their rise and fall musical as the tide comes in and goes out again, day after day. The sunlight makes a rainbow of colors reflected on the bright waters, changing with the weather and the time of day. The continuous cycle and the mystery of what lies beyond that ocean inspire a melody, and perhaps words, in the heart of the dreamer who stands here, at the edge of the Sea of Song.

You've reached the Sea of Song, a respository of melody and words. Much of the music here is original, written or arranged by me or my friends. Some of it is related to my writings; other pieces are here simply because I like them or find them inspirational. Choose your destination and enjoy!

Original Music

Here you'll find midis and text files of original songs written or arranged by me and my friends. Go check it out! There's all kinds of music there, including several DWS-related pieces.
Song Lyrics

These are all particularly beautiful lyrics to some of my favorite songs. Check them out for a touch of inspiration or possibly a new song you might want to hunt down for yourself.

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