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Down deep in a misty valley lies the Forest of Illusion. You eye it skeptically for a moment; dare you enter? But the Forest of Illusion is part of the realm of dreams, not nightmares; you are safe here. Yet you never know what lurks among the trees...strange visions come and go, flitting through the shadows like rays of light. Color and form swirl around you. Here you may find reflections of the dreams of others...or even reflections of your own dreams.

The Forest of Illusion is a gallery of all original art! Much of it was inspired by The Dreamworld Saga or other stories or roleplaying storylines I've done. Most of the artists listed here are my friends, but that doesn't mean they don't do incredibly beautiful artwork! Take a look and see what they've done. Interested in commissioning someone to do some artwork for you? You can find artists of varying skill levels and styles, both those who charge and those who work for free, in my Character Artist Gallery! And remember, please do not take these images without emailing the artist and asking for permission to use them. Thanks!

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All artwork is 2001 by Amy Unfred and friends.