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Twilight Chapel: Prayers and Inspiration

After the sun has just barely sunk beyond the horizon and the stars are beginning to come out, you see lanterns being lit up ahead. You press on toward them, needing shelter for the night. Ahead you find a small but lovely chapel, lit by the warm, friendly light of the torches and lamps all around it. You might see the quiet, shadowy figure of a priest or priestess, lighting the lamps for the evening; they will give you a warm smile and offer you shelter for as long as you need it.

We all need a bit of inspiration and encouragement now and then. In the Twilight Chapel, you'll find a collection of prayers, songs, scripture, and inspirational writings that can strengthen your faith and encourage you as you struggle through daily life. Submissions are welcome from everyone! Email your contributions to me at ^_^

Coming soon!

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