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Far off in a distant corner of the Dreamworld, it is possible to find a place that somehow reminds you of what we know as reality, the feel of the world that is our home...yet this place is also filled with the very essence of dreams. This strange contradiction is what tells you that you are nearing the Celestial Spire, a tall, shining tower of changing colors that stands in a distant place beyond the Dreamworld's Heart. Here the sky is eternally filled with stars that are never obscured by clouds, always leaving a crystal clear view of the celestial heavens above.

This is the Celestial Spire, the part of the Dreamworld where the authors make their home! With the help of my friends, I've been able to bring you closer to the Dreamworld and show you some of its many wonders. Here you can learn more about the wonderful people who helped me to make that happen! All those listed here are either roleplayers in Rivendell, have contributed original works to this website, or both. Read on for information, as well as how to contact us!

Elfie Ryan Mark Isaac
Nikki Radien Bonnie Jenn
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