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Quotes and Sayings

Sorry this is so messy! =/ I just threw a whole bunch of quotes in here in order to get the silly page finished so I can upload it. I'm still working on getting images, and then I'll categorize the quotes. For now, just browse through and enjoy!

Oh, some of these you may not get because they're obscure quotes or inside jokes. I'll put up explanations later on for as many as possible. ^_^

Kelani: "Why are you always so mean to me?"
Jendrik: "Because you're you."

Navarre: "It may be that our meeting was destined by God."
Phillipe: "Well, I talk to God all the time, and He never mentioned you."

"One kid in my class was great with magic. His name was...uh...Harry something. Weird accent."
~A kid from Neo Vane in Lunar: Eternal Blue

"'re awfully talented for someone so purple!"
~Playstation game Spyro: Year of the Dragon

"Where are the Cheetos??"
~Dr. Demento's "Dungeons and Dragons"

"I want to cast Magic Missile!"
~Dr. Demento's "Dungeons and Dragons"

Appearing on the screen: "Feena has learned the spell 'End of the World.'"
Radien (behind me): DON'T CAST IT!!
~Playstation game Grandia

Lina: "Naga, what are you waiting for?!"
Naga: "The DRAMA!"
~Slayers movie

"I'm stronger than you think!"
"I'm not on your side!"
~Ashton trying to taunt the monsters in Star Ocean 2

"Disappear, you impure people!"
~Rena casting a spell in SO2

"You think you can win over the Hero of Light??"
~Claude taunting the enemy in SO2

Miyako: "Could it be...Uninhibited Sex?!"
~Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house."
~George Carlin

"I'm going to use my holy celestial powers to change a small but crucial part of the helicopter machinery into a fish."
~One of the roleplayers in our In Nomine (angels and demons) campaign

Player 1: "If only we had a rocket launcher."
Player 2 (remembering the equipment obtained in the very first session) "Oh, wait...we DO!"
~Our In Nomine game

"Erellisae giggles and pulls out a Luck-o-meter. Pointing it at Isaac shows a reading of 5%."
"Erellisae giggles and pulls out a Life-expectancy-o-meter. Pointing it at Isaac shows a reading of 1%."
~A bot on Lunarnet analyzing Isaac (quite accurately, I might add)

"He's so cool and...nihilistic!"
~Martina thinking about Zangulus in Slayers

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