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The rocky Draconian Cliffs rise above you, towering into the misty clouds above. Harsh and unforgiving, it is difficult for anyone to find purchase on their steep sides, except for those who can fly. Here live the dragons, and the flying race called the Shelandi. If you can find your way to the top of these towering rock walls, you will meet with a warm welcome!

Rants are getting quite popular on the web these days. It's a chance for people to sound off about just anything...and it doesn't have to be controversial! Here you'll find my ramblings on all kinds of different subjects. Rants are sorted by date, each labeled with its topic.

4/16/01 Atlantis!
General ramblings about my interest in Atlantis, research I've done on the subject, and info on Disney's upcoming movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire!

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