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The Waverunner Chronicles

Welcome! This is a rough summary of the first few chapters of each book in the original Waverunners story. ('Course, it wasn't called Waverunners at the time, but the original titles really sucked. =P ) Keep in mind that I came up with all the plot ideas on this page when I was between the ages of 11 and 16, and my writing was obviously not at its best back then. But everything here has potential! I warn you, however, I may change a great deal. Possible changes include replacing or redesigning various characters, and I'm thinking I'll probaby scrap the idea of crossing over to the world of Waterlight from the real world. World-crossing can be done well (for example, Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia, and multiple anime series like Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi), but I don't think there's any way it can work here without ending up completely cheesy. But anyway, it'll be quite a while till I decide what to do with this story, so here's the most current version as it stands now. Enjoy!

Book One

Book One begins with Rose and Elizabeth, two young girls who have just finished the last day of school of fifth grade. They go out to the woods behind Elizabeth's house to talk, and that's where the adventure begins. Peering through some bushes, they see a strangley dressed young woman singing to a bird that is perched on her finger. Hearing the girls in the bushes, the bird flies away, and the young woman—acting as if she is somewhere she's not supposed to be—hurriedly draws a circle in the air. The circle becomes a wide, shimmering portal, and she steps through, vanishing. Curious, Rose and Elizabeth follow.

They tumble out onto a beach, and the older girl, whose name is Crystal, seems not at all happy to see them. Apparently she wasn't supposed to be in their world, for just this reason—that someone might see her and even follow her. She introduces herself as one of the Waverunners, the elite royal guard of Waterlight. She tells them she will have to take them to the capital city of Shelor and ask the Riders what to do. (See the Setting page for more information on the Waverunners order.)

On their way to the castle, the three meet up with Matthew, another Waverunner and Crystal's friend, and Andrew, Matthew's young cousin who is Rose and Elizabeth's age. Andrew only recently began training to become a Waverunner. The five of them stop for the night, planning to continue on to the capital the next morning. That night, however, Rose and Andrew can't sleep, so they stay awake and talk. Andrew tells Rose about Ravenia, the evil sorceress who tried to take the queen's life and take the throne many years ago, and how her plan failed and she fled. He also tells how his parents were instrumental in stopping Ravenia, and how his father died and his mother was seriousy injured as a result. It is obvious he bears a serious grudge against Ravenia, despite his young age.

Their conversation is interrupted by voices. They creep over the sand dunes and see two dwarves standing on the beach, talking. The dwarves discuss the search for something called Ulric's Staff, an item Ravenia has sent them to find. Andrew tells Rose to go get the others, and then he foolishly charges down the dunes to try to take on both dwarves himself.

Fortunately, Rose is able to get Crystal and Matthew, who rescue Andrew. But Andrew is pretty well beat up, the dwarves have escaped, and Matthew and Crystal are furious with him for being an idiot. They hurry on their way to the palace to tell the queen what they overheard. Once there, Andrew, whose broken wrist will prevent him from attending training sessions, is put in charge of the two girls while Crystal and Matthew speak with the queen. Andrew tells Rose and Elizabeth that Ulric's Staff is a legendary artifact, left over from the days when there was still magic in Waterlight. If the leader of an army carries the Staff into battle, that army will be victorious. If Ravenia were to find it, it would be disastrous.

It is decided that the Staff must be found, and they can spare no Waverunners to escort the girls back to the portal, let alone figure out how to get them to keep quiet about the link between the worlds so Waterlight can remain a secret. The girls and Andrew are thus confined to quarters until further notice.

A team leaves to hunt for Ulric's Staff, but Andrew and the girls somehow find out that Ravenia has set a trap for them. Rather than tell a Waverunner or a Rider, Andrew convinces the girls that they should go after the team themselves. Although it's a rather foolish plan, they follow Crystal, Matthew, and the other Waverunners on a trek to the north, and toward Ravenia's hidden castle in the Shadisen Woods.

Book Two

Six years later (and no, I'm not going to tell you what happens at the end of Book One!), Rose and Elizabeth are back home and now in high school. When they left Waterlight before, they left with the good will of the king and queen, and also the Waverunners and all their new friends, but they promised never to tell anyone about Waterlight's existence, and never to use the portal again except in an emergency. Rose has a strange, troubling dream, however, and she has an unexplainable fear that something terrible is going to happen. She convinces Elizabeth to go with her, and they cross the portal back into Waterlight. This time, Rose's pesky ten-year-old twin cousins, Fred and Ted, overhear the plan and sneak after them. Unable to do anything else, the girls take the twins along with them on their journey to the capital.

Everyone is very surprised to see them. The king and queen are away, off on a tour of their kingdom to check on affairs in the major cities, and Matthew is one of their bodyguards. Crystal is in charge in their absence, and she welcomes the girls and the twins. She and Andrew plan a "welcome back" party, but in the middle of the party, a Waverunner bursts into the hall, tired and injured, and tells Crystal he must speak with her. He tells her that their entourage was attacked by dwarves in the northern valley, and the king and queen are both dead.

The news stuns the Waverunners and the Council. Rose, Elizabeth, Andrew, and the twins are left to pace their rooms, wondering what will happen, while the Council debates. The attack is kept quiet for as long as possible, but everyone knows that by morning, likely the entire city will know what has happened. Ravenia is the queen's only living kin, and the king's kin cannot by law succeed, since it is the queen who is of the royal bloodline. Queen Irelle issued a proclamation years ago, preventing Ravenia from ever legally taking the throne, but if she were able to take power by force, her royal blood might still hold some sway with the Council and the people of Waterlight. After all, not everyone knows the whole story of her previous attempt to become queen, or of her current connection with the dwarves, and Ravenia helped many in the past and gained their support. However, Ravenia is cruel, and if she were to become queen, Waterlight's peaceful, golden age would be over.

This is only the beginning of Book Two, but it is followed by a very startling revelation, which I will not give away! Besides, much of this information is subject to change, as the plot elements were originally planned out anywhere from five to nine years ago, and much of it is outdated or makes little sense. Keep an eye on this page to find out how the rewrite is progressing, once it begins!

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