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The Waverunner Chronicles

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The Waverunner Chronicles

The Waverunner Chronicles storyline is the newest incarnation of a story I've been writing for a loooooooooong time. The very first version of this story was written in 1989, when I was just ten years old! (In fact, it was originally inspired by the movie The Little Mermaid. I was nuts about that movie when it first came out and decided I really wanted to write a story with mermaids in it.) I kept writing and rewriting this new story for the next few years, finally abandoning it in favor of The Dreamworld Saga in about 1995. But last winter it occurred to me, now that DWS is effectively over in Riv, it'd be neat to start a new storyline based on a unique world I invented. After all, DWS was so popular, maybe this would be too. The story needed a lot of work, so I totally redid the Waverunners order (formerly known by the boring title of the Royal Service) and a lot of other details, completely redid the timeline for what I'd already written, and decided to make our RP sort of a prequel to the planned two-novel set I had been working on. Thus, everyone's characters are their own original creations, and we've created an entirely new story that still manages to mesh nicely with the later events of the books! If you'd like to learn more about Waverunners, be sure to check out the page on the Waverunners novels.


The world of Waterlight is entirely original. You can find more information in the story section, but primarily it is an ocean kingdom, blocked by mountains to the north, cliffs to the west, desert to the south, and the ocean to the east. They are an isolated kingdom, fighting a more or less continuous battle with the hostile dwarves to the north. Merpeople live in the oceans, and the entire gulf is widely inhabited by them. To find out more about this kingdom, read on!

The Order of the Waverunners
Magic and the First Golden Age
Other Lands and Races

Our Story So Far

Well, I started doing the summary of this story following my brother Radien's example in Runic Fluxóbasically meaning that I had the first couple sessions' backstory narrated by our three main characters! It's really fun, too! Unfortunately, I found it was easier to continue with the rest of it in prose, so you'll have to make do with the traditional format narrated by your humble GM. Well, it's a good story at least, so sit back and enjoy!

Chapter One: Our Adventure Begins
Narrated by Jalinda, Dax, and Aedan!

The Waverunner Trials
The First Mission
Traitors to the Crown
The Next Quest
Mysterious Plague
Yet Another Plot


Yay, it's character time! Let's see if I can remember them all...

Jalinda Galestorm| Dax Querran| Aedan Dosiere |
| Bonita| Ophelia| Lady Analiese |
| Lady Reyva Shiveyril| Lord Devinaire| Gil |
| Persephone| Xethyryndan| Others |


Jalinda Galestorm
Reyva Shiveyril
Lord Devinaire
GM for this SL!
Aedan Dosiere

Dax Querran
Lady Analiese

Artwork and Goodies

Lots of goodies for this storyline, but they're pretty much all artwork so far. All of the artwork below is mine, most of it sketched, inked, scanned, and then colored in using an imaged editing program. Remember, most of the original artwork on this page can also be found in the Forest of Illusion so be sure to check it out when you get the chance! You can find a few things there that aren't anywhere else on the site.

Jalinda Galestorm
Jalinda Galestorm
(274x450 resolution, 30K)
By Amy
Dax Querran
Dax Querran
Anime-style (350x389 resolution, 32K)
By Amy
Dax Querran
Dax Querran
(312x275 resolution, 34K)
By Amy
Waterlight 1993
Waterlight map 1993
First version, colored pencil
(826x600 resolution, 209K)
By Amy
Waterlight 1994
Waterlight map 1994
Second version, pencil
(806x600 resolution, 175K)
By Amy
Waterlight 2000
Waterlight map 2000
Current version, ink
(878x638 resolution, 255K)
By Amy


Status: Temporarily on hold
How to join:
This game would be currently active if we had more time, but it's been kind of going off and on lately. Hopefully, however, we can get things rolling again in the summer, once I've graduated from college. So if you would like to be involved, read through this page and get an idea of the background, think of a character, and email me at for advice and character approval. Thanks!

Find out about the Waverunners novels!

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