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Story Poetry

The poems here were all inspired by The Dreamworld Saga or one of the many other stories I've written. Each one has something special to do with either an event or a character in the story, or even the overall theme and purpose of the work as a whole.

The Adventurer's Drinking Song
Written spring 2000
This is actually a song I've written, but I haven't yet got a midi version of it sequenced. When I do, look for it in the Sea of Song! The Adventurer's Drinking Song really captures the tone of Starchasers quite well, and I could see Kelani singing it, even though she doesn't drink. ^_~

Well, I'll drink a glass to days long past,
And I'll drink to days to come;
Oh, I'll drink to you under the rising moon
And under the setting sun
And under the setting sun.

There's adventure over the waves so white;
There's glory and fame 'cross the sea.
So give me a dance and a mug or two,
And off in the morning we'll be
And off in the morning we'll be.

Well, we live for a time and then we die,
So let's ride the winds while we may.
Give me a song and a drink or two,
And tomorrow we'll away
And tomorrow we'll away.

Off to the land of the summer stars,
And off through the winter sky;
Nay, they'll never say anyone lived their life
As rich and as full as I
As rich and as full as I!

The Aisling Poems
Written fall 2000
These poems are all inspired by The Dreamworld Saga and are about Ariana, mostly. They were written as class assignments for my fall 1999 History of the English Language course, so the first poem is written in Old English, the second in Middle English (this one is in rhyme and some semblance of meter), and the third is a Shakespearean sonnet. (Don't worry, I've included translations!) But I warn you, the Old and Middle English are by no means perfect, as I looked most of the words up in the dictionary and have no idea if the grammar is correct. =P

(Old English)
(Modern English)
S niht ws deorc and with steorra gefyllan,
And cniht dreame hfde.
H sehwan mgden, swa geong and fger,
Swa dagung scinan hiere hr.
"Hwt sw n nama?" h scian.
"Mn nama sw Aisling," mgden sprc.
"Ic wandrie urh dreama; ic mota andswaru findan."
Cniht sprc, "Hlfdige Aisling, hwylc andswaru?"
Aisling sprc, "Hwt sw s steorra?
"Hwt sw s mona? Hwr blawe s wind?
"Hwr sw ic, and hwr sw mn hm?"
And Aisling wandrie urh dreama
Untill hiere hm ho finde.
The night was dark and filled with stars,
And a knight had a dream.
He saw a maiden, so young and fair,
That like the dawn shone her hair.
"What is your name?" he asked.
"My name is Aisling," the maiden said.
"I wander through dreams; I must find answers."
The knight said, "Lady Aisling, which answers?"
Aisling said, "What are the stars?
"What is the moon? Where blows the wind?
"Where am I, and where is my home?"
And Aisling wanders through dreams
Until she finds her home.

Nifty fact: Look what I found while researching for fun, after I'd written this poem!
"Aisling: The word means dream or vision and is, in modern Irish, a woman's name, but in the many Irish tales bearing this title, the dreamer experiences a vision of a 'speir-bhean' or vision-woman whose beauty leads him into closer communion with the Otherworld. A great many poets of the eighteenth century wrote Aisling poems, in which a fair woman is found wandering in poverty and distress. She represents the land of Ireland itself, oppressed under the English yoke."
John and Caitlin Matthews, British and Irish Mythology

Aisling's Kniht
(Middle English)
Aisling's Knight
(Modern English)
One niht so hevenlich, so silence-dep,
I fyrst saw Aisling in my dreme-slep:
Sche wandred, innocent and so alone.
I saw her ther, binethe the perle-mone.

Aisling, I wolde defende you from harm,
And alwei wolde I schelde you with my arms.
While you moste travel eower celestial way,
I wolde walke beside you ech dai.

Aisling is the dreme-gardein now;
I wille garde her destine, I vow.
And with the pouer of my love strong,
I wille ever been with Aisling.

One night, so heavenly, so silence-deep,
I first saw Aisling in my dream-filled sleep:
She wandered, innocent and so alone.
I saw her there, beneath the pearly moon.

Aisling, I would defend you from all harm,
And always would I shield you with my arms.
While you must travel your celestial way,
I would walk beside you every day.

Aisling is the dreamers' Guardian now,
And I will guard her destiny, I vow.
And with the power of my love so strong,
I will always be with my Aisling.

(Modern English)
When all the world is sunk in sleep so deep,
That is the Dreamworld's time to rule the night.
In slumber soft your dreams will safely keep;
The Guardian keeps watch till morning light.
No creature shall emerge from nightmare's lands
To trouble minds enthralled in drifting dreams,
For you are safe within her gentle hands,
And musical adventures flow like streams.
Rejoice, take flight, and bravely test your wings
There are no limits to this magic sky.
The peaceful coolness of the starlight sings,
And here we know that love will never die.
Let your imagination now take flight,
And dance with dreams until the morning light.

Shelandi's Song
Written fall 2000
This isn't actually from one of my stories; Shelandi is a guardian angel I roleplay once in a while. The song actually does have a tune, but I have yet to get it out of my head and on paper...

Journeys to new horizons,
Treks to the stars
You are alone and frightened,
But you are still ours.
Watching and waiting,
I'll guard you, my child.
Child of the crossroads,
Adventurous and wild.

Sail on, sail on,
Sail on, sweet dreamer.
Dreaming of heaven inside of your eyes
Sail on, sail on,
Sail on to tomorrow.
God will be watching from up in the skies.

The Land of the Dream
Written spring 1998
For lack of a better description, this is Ariana's "Dreamworld song"a poem written in her voice, basically. It's rather whimsical and imaginative in tone.

Sing me a song of the land that holds dreams,
The place where my heart is dancing tonight.
Sing of the stars that are bright as your eyes,
And tell me of wishes that sing and take flight.

Tell me how birds once learned to fly;
Tell me of fantasies that play in your dreams.
Where is the sky from, and what is the moon?
Why is it life is not all that it seems?

Starlight and moonlight, fire and flame,
Dragons of crystal and silver and gold.
Tell me of myths and stories and tales;
I know there is truth behind legends so bold.

I'm dancing in visions, I dance in your eyes,
I'm bright as the stars that sparkle and gleam,
For I have the magic; I know where it lies
It's all in the mystical land of the Dream.

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All poetry 2001 by Amy Unfred