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Star Wars:
Vaniki and the Skywalkers

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Star Wars: Vaniki and the Skywalkers

Well, not much to say here...Meof and Mark had started a Star Wars storyline, I asked to join, and Meof said okay. Of course I started off by throwing in some plot twists of my own! I can't remember exactly when the storyline started or was at its height, but it was probably sometime in the fall of 1999. The storyline lasted a couple months or so, until Meof could no longer find the time to RP.


This story takes place in the Star Wars universe and does not cross over to Rivendell, or to any of the other storylines on this page. It is also entirely separate from Star Wars: Parallel Crossroads. The main planets in our story have been Coruscant, Kairen, and the planet where the Valley of the Jedi is located. The timeline is pretty much in line with everything that happened in the movies, as well as in the Star Wars books, but it takes place quite a few years in the future when Luke has grown sons.

Our Story So Far

Fortunately, I typed up summaries of nearly everything we've done! It's pretty nifty stuff, too. I hope the storyline gets going again, but even if it doesn't, what we've done so far makes a pretty darn good story. Check out the different chapters:

The Dark Circles
"If you wish to fly..."
The Sith...are here?
The Winged Race
The Valley of the Jedi


That's right, it's time to meet the characters! Here we go, starting with Vaniki. She may not be the most important, but she's my character, dangit! =P

Our heroes:

Vaniki Shera | Myrthan and Jonack Skywalker |
| Learsan S'novaya | Winayla Lespr | Scrap |

Our villains:

| Exar Kun | Darth Maul | Darth Vader |


All right, let's have a big round of applause for our players! Under each person's name (or nickname, as the case may be), you'll find a list of the characters they play in this storyline. Click on the link to see the player's profile.

Jonack Skywalker
GM for this SL!
Myrthan Skywalker
Learsan S'novaya
Vaniki Shera
Winayla Lespr
Exar Kun
Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Film
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
(Can't remember who played them! ^_^;; )

Artwork and Goodies

Sorry, no goodies for this storyline! No original artwork or fanfics. I tried to draw Myrthan and Vaniki a while back, but neither pic turned out even remotely decent. =P


Status: On hold
How to join:
You can't exactly join as this storyline is pretty much over, but if it ever gets started up again, I'll be sure to post an announcement about it here.

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