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Star Wars:
Parallel Crossroads

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Star Wars: Parallel Crossroads

Parallel Crossroads has an interesting background! Elfie and I first met Nikki on Mission to Mexico in 1997. We found out she was a writer as well, and she told us about the Star Wars story she was working on. We thought it was a great idea and decided to create our own characters. Each of us would write the story from our own perspectives, and since the characters would meet and interact, the stories would cross and overlap—hence the name Parallel Crossroads. Well, we spent a lot of time hashing out story info and having a real blast, but eventually I stopped working on it. One day, though, I had the brilliant idea that we should do a Star Wars RP in Riv. So I dragged Frogstorm in (even though she's not a Riv regular), assigned characters to as many of my friends as I could convince to join, and helped the others make up characters of their own. Pretty soon we had a full-blown storyline going and were having loads of fun with it!


This story takes place in the Star Wars universe and does not cross over to Rivendell, or to any of the other storylines on this page. It is also entirely separate from Vaniki's story. Most of the history is the same as in the Star Wars movies. We have added a lot of new ideas and backstory, which you can find in the story section, or in the chapters included under "artwork and goodies." Some of our ideas may not entirely mesh with the the rules of the Star Wars universe, but it's close enough, and a lot of fun!

Our Story So Far

Phew...loooooong story! Here you'll find a summary of the Parallel Crossroads story we were writing, at least the part that leads up to the roleplay, at any rate. After that point, it continues from where the RP first started, when Kev and Kella first leave Ricalia. Here are the chapters it's divided into, in the hopes of making it a bit more organized:

The Beginning: The Planet Ricalia
The Dark Streaks and the Hederon
Farewell to Ricalia
First Flight
Nekoi's Note

There is a good deal more story, of course; once we got the game moved to email, it really took off and we have a lot of backposts in the archive. If you are interested in finding out what's happened since October, please see the bottom of the page for information on joining the mailing list.


Woohoo, characters! Well, even though I'm the GM, my character isn't the main character, so we'll start with Tempest first.

| Tempest Brightshadow| Kella Rhonan | Kev Zerellan |
| Phoenix Sureshot | Tek Yew | Nekoi Kishuu | Tatsu |
| Sangran Vode | Darth Trindion | Jethana Iverin | Aurora Sonrei |
| Chezrin Jekkar | Nangwaya Sidona | Skendri Lashand |
| Winayla Lespr | Marwh Wifre | Widget | Tera Fae |

Old characters:
Characters who are not in the roleplay at the moment, but may return later

| Derwyren (Isaac) | Captain Balikura (Amy) | Kyron (Dan) |
| Nitesh (Frogstorm) | Jorith Galederon (Mark) | G3PO (Andreas) | R3D3 (James) |
| Tristran Kendrick (Chris) | Izumi (Bonnie) | Circe Kalinari (Elfie) |


Kella Rhonan
Jethana Iverin
Chezrin Jekkar
Winayla Lespr
GM for this SL!
Tempest Brightshadow
Nangwaya Sidona
Kevram Zerellan
Darth Trindion
Marwh Wifre
Phoenix Sureshot
Tek Yew
Skendri Lashand
Nekoi Kishuu
Tera Fae
Aurora Sonrei

Artwork and Goodies

Ooh, got some goodies for this RP! First of all, wooOOoo! We have the first three chapters of Parallel Crossroads, here for you to read at your leisure! These were written mostly by Nikki, but wherever Kella appears, I had a hand in the writing. (She's my character, after all!) Elfie and I also helped with a great deal of the brainstorming for other parts of the story, as well. But please, even though this is fanfiction, do not redistribute it without written permission from Nikki! It is posted here for your own personal enjoyment only. As Nikki says, "The general populace can read my story as long as they know that if they copy any of it, I will personally hunt them down and sic my wombats on them. After which they will be toasted by Tatsu." (See below for a pic of Tatsu, the dragon-like Ryo!) And believe me, you don't want to make Tatsu—or Nikki, for that matter—angry. ^_~

Parallel Crossroads, Chapters 1-3:
(HTML format; written by

Chapter 1: Seeing (53K)
Chapter 2: Testing (27K)
Chapter 3: Leaving (25K)

We also have another story excerpt, called "Parallel Crossroads: Crossing of the Ways." This one was written by me, from Kella's point of view. We also have artwork! The first two pictures are different resolutions of a lovely pic of Tempest that Elfie drew. Pic number two is Nekoi Kishuu, by Jenn; pic number three is a really rough sketch I did of Tek, even though Elfie says it looks nothing like him. =P And lastly, we have a lovely sketch of Tatsu, by Elfie. Tatsu is one of the Ryo, a dragon-like alien race, and he will toast you if you steal or copy any of the stories or artwork on this page! =P You have been warned.

Prologue: Crossing of the Ways
(HTML, 10K)
By Amy
Tempest Brightshadow
Tempest Brightshadow
(275x707 resolution, 49K)
By Elfie
Tempest Brightshadow
Tempest Brightshadow
(179x426 resolution, 23K)
By Elfie
Nekoi Kishuu
Nekoi Kishuu
(263x331 resolution, 23K)
By Jenn
Tek Yew
(350x342 resolution, 43K)
By Amy
Healer's costume
Healer's costume
(400x663 resolution, 53K)
By Amy
(228x255 resolution, 21K)
By Elfie
Nekoi Kishuu
Nekoi Kishuu
(225x333 resolution, 18K)
By Jenn


Status: Active!
How to join:
The game is currently running over email! This should solve most scheduling problems. Posts have been sporadic in the last few weeks, but hopefully once midterms slack off we'll have a bit more time. If you are interested in participating in the Parallel Crossroads email RPG, please email me at and let me know what kind of character you are interested in playing. (But please, no more Force users! We have too many of those, and there are a ton of other great character ideas out there. Just let me know if you need suggestions.)

Spectators are acceptable as well, so if you would like to watch the game or read our backposts in the archive, please click the link below to join. However, I would like an introductory email from you as well so I know a little bit about you. You will not be moderated, but anyone who abuses the privilege will subsequently be allowed only to read emails, not to post to the list.

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