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The Treasure Hunters

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The Treasure Hunters

One day my friend Ryan showed me a new pic he'd drawn and asked if I would create and play a character based on it. He gave me the name Alys Galsen, and I gave her a personality. Alys is a blast to play, and once she met Ryan's character, Ryan Xander, they immediately hit it off. Pretty soon the Treasure Hunters storyline began! It didn't last very long at all, and it only involved three players playing a handful of characters, but even though it was short-lived, it was definitely new and different. Good and evil weren't so clearly defined as they usually are in my storylines; our "good guys" weren't necessarily any better or worse than our "bad guys." (They were just more likeable!) The Treasure Hunters SL may be over now, but many elements and even some characters from the storyline are creeping into the project Elfie and I spent the summer working on, a comic-book/illustrated-novel thing called Starchasers.


The setting is pretty self-explanatory—it takes place in RavensDale. It was also about to branch out to the surrounding lands (made up, of course) before the storyline ended. Anyway, many of my other storylines take place in their own worlds or universes, like Waverunners or Star Wars, and even the DWS, while connected with RavensDale, has rules that must be followed whenever it involves the Dreamworld. Treasure Hunters, however, is relatively open—this means any Rivendell character can interact with Alys. ^_~

Our Story So Far

Well, fortunately I sent out an email a while back to some of my roleplaying friends, hoping I could get Treasure Hunters started up again. It didn't happen, BUT I did type up a story summary when I sent out the email! So that means I can just copy and paste. Yay for laziness! =P

Our Story So Far


| Alys Galsen | Ryan Xander | Siarra Stormbreaker | Alexander |


Alys Galsen
Siarra Stormbreaker
Ryan Xander

Artwork and Goodies

Two goodies here! Alys' main picture is a piece of original artwork by Ryan, and a while back I wrote a short story excerpt, called "The Quest Begins," that tells how the Treasure Hunters campaign got started.

Alys Galsen
Alys Galsen
(277x376 resolution, 38K)
By Ryan
The Quest Begins
The Quest Begins...
(One page)
By Amy


GM: Amy, sort of
Status: End of chapter
How to join:
Well, this storyline took place before we really started having GMs, but since the GM is a pretty informal title in our RPing (basically it means if you have a question, they answer it, and they come up with most of the main story ideas and NPC stuff), it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Anyway, since there were only two other players and neither of them RP in Riv anymore, the story is pretty much over! But Alys still comes into the inn every now and then. If you're interested in starting a storyline with Alys, email me at and pitch your idea!

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