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One day I emailed my best friend Elfie and said, "Hey, let's do a comic together!" I had no idea what I wanted it to be about or anything, I just thought it would be fun. =P So with no concept, no ideas, no nothing, we started from scratch. We tried getting inspiration from various books, movies, games, songs, legends...all sorts of things. After a great deal of research, we started to decide on the kind of theme we wanted for the story— exploration, adventuring, exotic lands...things like that. From there we created characters who have turned out to be rather unique and very well developed! The story is still very much in progress, but we have at least 75 pages of notes and probably about 20 pages of sketches. The story is incredibly complex! As for our format, we're thinking of publishing this eventually as a sort of literary comic, a mixture of prose and comic panels. It will be very revolutionary, it will probably take a long time, and we'll probably be publishing it ourselves and selling it online. But that's far in the future! For now, we're just having a ton of fun creating Starchasers, and it may even end up bigger than The Dreamworld Saga someday!


Starchasers will incorporate all kinds of places! Exotic lands, magical islands, a continent something like Renaissance Europe, on the brink of a new age...a world whose inhabitants believe it to be finite, believe they know the entire story of the past. They could not be more wrong! Beyond the next horizon there is always a new adventure, always a new mystery to solve, a new legend to hear and to discover as reality. Absolutely anything is possible, and Kelani Rennings is determined to prove that!

The Story

Coming soon!

Profile images coming soon!

Kelani Rennings: An adventurous tomboy with a heart of gold
Tergano Quindry: An extremely chivalrous young noble with a deep interest in archaeology and legend
Jendrik Shael: An annoying, smirking troublemaker from the Healer's Society
Andrin Rennings: Kelani's long-suffering, rather unlucky older brother
Journey Galeblade: The flamboyant, exotic, brash and brave pirate queen
Siarra Stormbreaker: The cold-hearted leader of a mysterious, treasure-hunting thieve's guild

Artwork and Goodies

I'm hoping to get some artwork and other things posted here later, but for now what I have is going to have to remain where it is. You can find "The Adventurer's Drinking Song" on my Story Poetry page, and there's Starchasers art in Elfie's art gallery and my Starchasers gallery.


Status: Work in progress
Our work on Starchasers has been very sporadic! We were meeting weekly last summer and got a lot done, but while I was in Wales, even with email it was difficult to work on story stuff. So we're hoping to just come up with ideas whenever possible for now, and start meeting weekly again after I graduate in May. We have no timeline— quality is more important to us than when it gets done! For now we don't have a complete script, but we have a ton of notes and sketches and a few design ideas, so that's a good start.

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Starchasers is ©2001 by Amy Unfred and Amanda Wilson.