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Radien is a member of the Ironman Croquet League (IMC).

Homepage: The Blue Crescent

What, I'm supposed to say something nice about him? He's my brother! =P Nah, just kidding... *G* Radien (his online nickname) may be my twin brother, but he's still actually a pretty cool guy. He's got a huge imagination and a darn good knowledge about computers, plus he lends me his video games for free! =D Heh, heh. Radien started out roleplaying in Rivendell, but he has since moved to Lunarnet on IRC, where he runs the first ever Star Ocean 2 IRC RPG. He's really into anime and roleplaying, and he's also really good at composing electronic music and writing IRC scripts. He works as a waiter while he decides what he wants to study, and in his spare time he volunteers at our church and at the local elementary school, teaching kids how to use computers. (Well, that's what Mom tells me; Radien calls it corrupting young minds!) Anyway, he may be my brother, but despite that he's kind of a nifty guy, very helpful when I need computer advice, and lots of fun to watch anime with!

(Not to mention that he commissioned this incredibly nifty artwork for me for Christmas a couple years ago. I'd say that goes a long way toward nominating him for supreme almighty brother of the world. =P Or something like that. Heh. ^_^ )

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