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More nifty people!


Well, I admit I haven't heard from Jason in a while, but last I heard he was attending California State University at Monterey Bay. He enjoys reading fantasy, collecting swords, attending Renaissance Faires, singing in choir and participating in musicals, and of course roleplaying. Jason is a rather dramatic person, quite imaginative and thoughtful, really getting into everything he does. He's a good friend, always willing to talk. His main complaint seems to be that he hasn't seen nearly enough anime. *L* Jase has a ready wit and is always willing to quote his favorite movies, books, and of course, inside jokes. I'm afraid he hasn't been seen in Rivendell much lately, but he is a longtime player there and an important part of the Dreamworld Saga, so I hope he returns someday!

The Fuzzy Navel

Annie (Jehanna, Anna-Banana, and the Dancing Kiwi) is a rather silly but extremely philosophical girl. She loves writing poetry, and most of her work is incredibly deep and symbolic, especially for one so young! (She's about 18 now, I think.) Annie is a great roleplayer, a good artist, and a wonderful writer. Her characters are some of the oddest, most colorful, and most intriguing in Rivendell! Definitely a highly creative person, she fits in well with our gang! ^_^


Saren is a quiet, thoughtful, and rather dramatic person most of the time, but she is definitely subject to her periods of cheerful silliness! A college freshman, she has a particular weakness for anything Harry Potter. When I went to Wales last fall on an exchange program, she charged me with the task of finding out where Hogwarts is. *L* When not delving into packages of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Beans or spending time with her family, Saren can be found roleplaying in the Rivendell common room or in private storylines. She's an extremely good roleplayer, good at creating unusual characters that are difficult to play— or would be for anyone but her, I'm sure! ^_^


What page about medieval fantasy would be complete without a Brit or two? =P Heh. While I was abroad last fall, I made a lot of nifty British friends, and Geoff is one of them. I met him in the LRP (live roleplay) society at Aber, and he's a lot of fun, definitely! He's extremely intelligent, pretty darn creative, and he's also mastered the perfect mix of silliness and seriousness— which is no small feat, I can tell you! His little alien critter, Widget, from our Star Wars campaign is very unique and highly entertaining. Geoff's a lot of fun to have around, and I'm glad to welcome him to our group!


Andrew is another British guy I met while in Wales. Andrew would probably readily admit to you that he has about the same silly factor, attention span, hyperness, and bounciness of Kiki the ferret (from Sluggy Freelance) after having consumed a basket of pixie stix. While this may seem like a disastrous combination, Andrew does make a wonderful (albeit mischievous and almost dangerous) roleplayer! He's got a serious case of "red button syndrome" (ooh, what does this do?), but we can usually keep him under control. ^_~ Andrew's a lot of fun to have around, even if I haven't emailed him in ages... *hides*


While we're on the subject of British friends, we can't forget Eli! Eli isn't really an online roleplayer; computers don't exactly get along with her. =P She claims she once broke an entire lab full of computers simply by walking in the room! Whether this is actually true or not, Eli doesn't really roleplay online, though she has recently gotten into LRP at Aber. She's a great friend and was incredibly helpful to me during my time in a strange country. She's really interested in costume design, dancing, medieval fantasy, and reading tons and tons of books. In fact, she was shocked when she met me to find that I had actually read Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet! Eli is a determined person who won't let anything get in the way of her dreams, and she'd do nearly anything to help a friend in need...truly a wonderful person to know! While she isn't involved in DWS, she simply couldn't be left out of the page. ^_^


Dave— a.k.a. Gerad and Wonder Boy— is a pretty nifty guy too! He's a great roleplayer, and I especially like his character Gerad, the smith with powerful fire magic. The most entertaining thing about Dave's roleplaying is his habit of yelling at his character while he plays him. It shows what a good roleplayer he is, of course, being able to determine the difference between what he would do and what Gerad would do...but it's a hilariously funny sight to see him typing away, "Gerad, don't go in that door. DON'T FOLLOW HER, SHE'S EVIL! Oh, you stupid git, you're gonna get yourself killed..." Heehee. Dave's a great guy and a lot of fun. =)


Tom hasn't been around much lately, but when he still hung around in Rivendell, he was well-known for having the evilest characters imaginable! Recently my friends have come through valiantly to fill the void he left with evil villains of their own, but Tom will always be known as the one who started the tradition of truly twisted baddies! Heh, what a claim to fame, huh? ^_~ I'll bet that he's proud of it, though...after all, every great hero needs a good villain to stand against them!


Mearkian supreme and a charter member of WPI (Woogie Party International), Meof sure knows his stuff! That stuff being mainly how to woogie, how to be silly, how to have fun, and how to roleplay and GM. I mean hey, what more do you need in life? =P Meof's another of those I haven't seen around in a while, but he'll probably turn up again!


Brando used to roleplay quite often in Rivendell and was a relatively important player in the Dreamworld Saga, but then he vanished; I think he moved and lost his internet connection in the process. =( But while he was around, Brando was one of those guys who's extremely dramatic, and that definitely came out in his roleplaying. He loves to party and have a good time, likes to edit images and sounds, and loves anime with a passion, especially Sailor Moon and Ranma, etc. Brando is a pretty good GM and comes up with many new, original storylines, then ropes other people into playing them! I don't know if he's gone for good, but if he ever returns, he will be welcome!

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