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Other Artists

There's quite a variety of artists in here! Some are professional, some are not...some I know well, some I don't. The styles vary as well, and you can find just about anything here! Not too much at the moment, but what's here is really good. ^_^

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Ariana Dreamstar
325x421, 44K
Ariana Dreamstar
By Young Wang

Wow! This has got to be the best Christmas present ever! My brother Radien (Steve) commissioned Young Wang to draw this picture of Ariana for Christmas 1998. It's soooo awesome! Thanks a bunch, Steve!
Ariana Dreamstar
172x400, 14K
Ariana Dreamstar
By Neshad

A very old picture! But a great one nevertheless. This was the very first picture ever drawn of Ariana, only a week or two after I started playing her in Rivendell, back in 1997. Neshad is an extremely talented artist and has done images for many Rivendell roleplayers.
Burrito Warrior
274x400, 30K
Burrito Warrior
By Mikey

This picture was drawn by Mikey, one of my friends from Lunarnet. Mikey loves burritos, and he loves roleplaying— thus the creation of his masterpiece, the Burrito Warrior. Note the helmet made from a salsa cup. Take my word for it, prints of this will someday be worth a fortune. ^_^

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All artwork is ©2001 by the artist.