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Chibi-Tempest by Elfie!

Homepage: The Realm of the Frog

Elfie and I first met Nikki back in 1997, during our spring break Mission to Mexico with our youth group and others from churches all over Oregon. It was an awesome time! Soon after arriving in Mexico, we discovered that Nikki was a really fun person to be around and was also a huge fan of Star Wars. When we found out she was writing her own Star Wars story, we wanted to get in on the act. She was all for it and we created characters, then proceeded to spend the rest of the week hashing out dramatic storylines for Parallel Crossroads! On our way back from Mexico, the whole group went to Disneyland. (You don't want to know the weirdness that Nikki, Elfie, and I are capable of when provided with a plethora of Star Wars ideas, plenty of sugar, pirate garb, and a day in Disneyland during Star Wars Days. *Snicker* =P Let's just say that I'm not letting you see the pictures!)

After Mission to Mexico was over, we still kept in touch over email, and our friendship has continued just as strong as ever. ^_^ Nikki is a very hyperactive yet highly intelligent girl. She's engaged to be married this summer (augh, all my friends are getting married!) and is now a junior in college. She knows a ton about sailing and wants to work on a marine research vessel. She's also into crew, Irish step dance, theater, singing, and a ton of other things! We've even gotten her hooked on the SCA recently, and she comes to Egils with us every summer now so we can run around in medieval clothes singing ridiculous songs at the top of our voices. ^_~ Nikki is just bursting with creativity and fun, and she's a blast to be around!

Nikki's nicknames include Frog, the Interstellar Aardvark, Tempest, and Amazon Woman, and she is one of the founders of the Barefoot Cranberry League. (Don't ask, I don't know what it is either!) I've also combined the nicknames Frog and Tempest and have thus dubbed her Frogstorm. *grin* Thus will she be known forevermore. ^_~

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