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SD-Marky by Jennifer


Mark (Kramhacker, the Star Wars King, or, as most of the girls in our gang affectionately know him, Marky *G*) is one of my official bodyguards and is paid three peanuts, a cashew, and two snickerdoodles per week. ^_~ Mark is a wild and crazy guy from Coalinga, California, who spends most of his time reading, writing short stories, playing around on his computer, being obsessed with Star Wars, and (obviously) roleplaying in Rivendell. This guy knows just about everything there is to know about Star Wars, and someday he thinks he might like to write his own Star Wars novel. A very spontaneous, weird, and goofy person, Mark is just as likely to start a pillow fight in Rivendell as he is to actually roleplay. He always does a good job of making sure we don't take life too seriously! But if one of his friends ever needs someone to talk to, Mark is always there. I'm proud to have him in the Dreamworld Saga, but I'm also proud to have him as a friend.

Mark's special online abilities include magic spells such as Halo Snatch, Defenestration, and Bodyguard Stance (a double technique with Isaac). His weapon of choice is a pillow gun or a lightstaff, and he can often be found battling for the Bubble Side in the war between the Bubble Side and the Glitter Side of the Force.

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