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Magical Poetry

This is my largest collection of poetry, though it's difficult to describe. The poems found here are inspirational, charged with emotion and vision. They are descriptive, optimistic (for the most part), and filled with dreams of adventure.

The Secrets of the Stars
Written 1/29/97

This is probably one of my favorite poems out of all those I've written. I love the imagery, and I like how the meter and rhyme turned out, too.

Tell me how the Sun shines
Tell me how the world turns
Tell me how the waves crash
Tell me how a fire burns

Tell me where the stars are
Tell me how they glow
Tell me what the clouds are
And how they make the snow

Tell me where dreams come from
And where the sunset ends
Tell me of the ocean
And the mysteries it tends

Tell me how to be alive
And what you're dreaming of
But most of all, tell me this—
Tell me how to love.

Dream Journey
Written 5/18/97

Come to think of it, this poem probably ties with "Secrets of the Stars" as my favorite...I especially like the last two lines.

Moonlit memories haunt me still
As I wander on alone
Moonbeams o'er me splash and spill
As I seek to find my home.
Where is life, and where is light-
Outside this magic dream?
I long for love, I long for sight;
For I am not what I seem.
The stones are hard beneath my feet
And the night is cold and long;
But who can say what I shall meet
On this road of ancient song?
And what can one say, when venturing on
Can bring a dream to pass?
This star-filled gown of sleep I don
May make silver out of brass.
No gold is here, for all they seek;
It has no place in night.
Gold is not a dream of the meek,
But silver gives forth light.
Such stars I find across the sky,
And my breath comes fast, I hear;
Just ahead my hopes do fly,
And my dreams are drawing near.

Written 1995

This was a sort of attempt to describe my personality; the poem was actually written before the character of Ariana was ever created!

I am one
Who loves stars and magic
I prefer silver to gold
Night to day
Dreams to reality
I believe in music and life
I love sunrise over the mountains
And sunset over the ocean
I love forests
And the sound of falling rain
And the silence of new-fallen snow
Pine trees are lovelier than palms
And to sing is more pleasure than flight
The twilight is my world
Where anything is possible
The great Between
When all things are asleep and awake at once
And everything lives
The magic of starlight and rose-colored sunset
Skies with two moons and impossible dreams
This is my world
I am Dreamstar

New Fire
Written January 1999

Not sure what inspired this poem, but I like it! I suppose I was just in a particularly poetic mood at the time... ^_^

What is this inside of me?
A dream to last, eternally.
Holding in my heart you'll see
What I cannot hide.

Where will it go from here?
It may bring joy, maybe a tear.
After I have lost all fear
You'll see what is inside.

Searching for a soaring soul
Hoping for a vindication of my heart
Spinning through this wind-swept world
Wondering how this dream did start.

Where is the answer now?
How long will the fire burn?
I'll hold on as long as I can
And dance with the world's turn.

Touch the Stars
Written 1/29/99
Just a whimsical, slightly wistful piece...

I once thought I could touch the stars.
There I would sit, in night's stillness, gazing.
Their light was like messages, calling beacons,
And no matter their number, each one was amazing.

Sometimes I've wished I could share this dream.
Maybe someone could help me find answers, perchance—
Is it a call? or music? a message, or a rhyme?
Is it truth—and meaning—or a never-ending dance?

What do you see in that stellar, eternal glow?
Is all that poetry and magic just a vision of my mind?
It seems as if I have always been searching,
And perhaps life is a journey, and we are all seeking to find.

I once thought I could touch the stars.
Do you think, maybe, that I still might?
I have yet to learn to fly, you see.
Can you teach me to find their light?

I once thought I could touch the stars.
Oh—if only I could—
One day—
I will find my way...

Written 3/16/94
One of the earliest poems I still have a copy of...

There's a song in my heart
There's a dance in my feet
The world is full of life
I can hear my heart beat

There is love all around me
There are stars in my eyes
No more hopelessness and heartbreak
No more sad and lonely sighs

All is music, all is sound
All is color, all is life
My feet no longer touch the ground
My eyes have regained their sight

I am one with life
Life is one with me
I feel like I could fly
And love is all I see

Moonshadow Song
Written spring 2000
Yet another one of those lovely poems written during a somewhat boring class! Now you know what I do when I'm having trouble paying attention...

A haunting melody, snaring your mind,
Sends your soul dancing in time with its tune.
No other song of this rhythmic kind
Could wrap you up like the mist on the moon.
Night ripples dance on the silver-lit lake;
Soft, eerie strains assail your ear.
Between the worlds, your heaven you make,
Within the song, with its melody clear.
With ghosts and shadows for partners, you dance,
Lost in the mists and the unreal night—
Your music-filled heart that night will entrance
And leave you dancing with beams of moonlight.

Dream of Forever
Written 7/20/98
Another poem of mysterious origins! (Meaning I forget when and why I wrote it.) =P

It's a part of forever,
That dream inside you...
Trying to break free
From all the chains that bind you.

Hold it close, and let it fly—
Glory in all that life can give.
As part of you, and part of me,
That dream will always, ever live.

Did you ever dance in the starlight,
Or gaze at the moon?
Where lies your heart tonight?
And will forever come soon?

Listen to that magic voice
That speaks from the stars,
The waves, rain, snow, and sky—
That voice is and always was ours.

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All poetry ©2001 by Amy Unfred