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Love Poetry

My poetry is usually inspired by strong emotions, and if love doesn't fit that description, nothing does! Not all of these selections were written for specific people, and I think most will have some meaning for others, as well. (And no, I won't tell you who they were written for! =P No gossiping about the Ari, thankyouverymuch.)

Written 6/9/95
Now, I know I don't need to explain this one, because I'll bet we've all felt like this at one point or another! ^_~

Love is patient, love is kind
I've heard it said ten million times
When will love be kind to me
When will loving eyes see me

Love is real, love is true
Love is my heart loving you
Why is it you can't love me
Why won't my love let me see

Love is giving, love will last
When will my love come to pass
Why do stars shine on me, alone
Where the light of love has never shown

Love is deep, love is strong
Like the ocean has lived so long
Drowning sorrows, washing away cares
Catching people unawares.

Love Poem
Written 2/5/97
Okay, I know it's kind of mushy and melodramatic, but it's sort of about the idea that everyone has a true love who's destined for them, and they just have to find them. A lovely thought, whether or not you believe it's true!

Some compose sonnets in rhyme and in verse,
Exposing the depths of their unending love.
Some compare their dearest's eyes
To the stars that eternally circle above.

Forgive me, I pray, for I can't describe
Your precious countenance, and yet
I know you as I know my own dreams,
For all that we have never met.

I know not who you are, and so I cannot
Your appearance, your virtues, your deeds extol;
But that I know not your face in turn matters not,
For you see, heart of my heart, I know your soul.

I know that through visions and dreams you have been,
And I know you have learned to see hopes unfurled.
Your heart holds the stars, your mind holds life's secrets,
Your lips speak the truth, and your eyes hold my world.

With all of your heart, please hold me tight,
In mind, for I still may not know your touch.
We must hope and dream and wait till we meet
To see and to hear, to feel this much.

To me, please be faithful, my love and my friend;
Wait for me, I beg, and always be true.
For I, too, have patience, and if you can see,
You'll know that I also can be faithful to you.

They say love is blind, and that is pure truth;
I love you lacking the slightest glance,
Yet I know your heart, your soul, and your mind;
I know your eyes and how they entrance.

"The course of true love never did run smooth",
Was once said by a very wise man.
So wait, dream, and hope, dear heart of my heart,
And love me in return, if ever you can.

Unknown Love
Written 2/1/97
Basically the same theme as above!

These empty arms
These seeking eyes
Are reaching out to you
This lonely heart
Is ready now
To find a love that's true
So find me now
Some way, somehow
Wherever you may be
Who are you, love,
One I dream of,
The one who's meant for me?

Written 1995
No, this wasn't written for anyone in particular! I was just feeling inspired and didn't currently have a story going for which this scene would be appropriate, so I put it in verse instead.

I see your eyes—
The eyes so deep and dark.
Do you know I understand?
Why is it always so hard
for us to show
How we feel inside
When we both know
It's tearing us apart?
I won't let you fall,
I won't let you die.
You never let it end
until you know you've tried.
And till we can turn
The tidal forces outside
We are together forever,
though we're apart.
They can never break us, for as long as there's love,
There is life, understanding,
and a loving God above.

Evening Star
Written August 1997
Doesn't really matter who this was for, I just always loved the imagery and the wording. Some poems I like regardless of the circumstances under which they were written. ^_^

I gazed upon the twilight sky
Ablaze with every hue;
The evening star hung there alone—
It made me think of you.

Suddenly in my lonely sky
You came to light my life,
Cutting through the empty shadows
Like a shining sword or knife.

Do you realize I've never felt
As if someone cared for me alone?
I've always had only myself,
Though I tried not to complain and moan.

But now I feel as if you are
So much more than I deserve
I'm thanking God that I have you;
Though I almost lost my nerve.

I almost let myself be scared
But your star is still above
And shining bright it guides me home
Like a silver beacon of love.

I'm afraid this twilight dream of mine
Will disappear with dawn
But if it was only in my mind...
That dream will still live on.

Perhaps your star will fade away
Into the dark of night
But I'll always remember how just once
My life was filled with light.

Some Words
Written 2/1/99
Not exactly for anyone in particular, just general musings...

There are some words that I can drink like water.
Some words-and they do not have to be complex;
They can be simple, and hesitant, and stumbled over,
So long as they hold sincerity—
Some words bring life to my soul.
Some words can make me smile,
Or laugh, or cry, or blush,
And no matter how many times I hear them,
They always stir my heart.
Perhaps they were written,
And thus I will read them again and again,
Or perhaps they were spoken.
Then I may write them later,
To be certain I will not forget,
But the spoken word is also magic.
To speak some words—
Some words which are difficult to speak
Because of the overwhelming truth in them—
To speak some words is to be vulnerable,
To open one's self and heart
And in the speaking itself, to give of oneself—
To give of one's voice, and breath, and life and soul.
The harder it is to say,
The more precious each word that is spoken.
Some words make me whole again,
And some words of this sort I have spoken myself,
In the hope that I may give to another.
I will drink these words,
And remember a voice, and a soul—
An uncertain near-whisper,
Yet certain of the truth behind what is being said.
Some words are filled with meaning,
And some words fill my soul.

Snowdance Heart
Written 2/10/99
This was for someone in particular, and it's actually a bit personal in my opinion, but it's just such a lovely poem (I've always liked it) that I don't mind all that much sharing it with others. *S* Good poetry, after all, is meant to be shared, I think. That's why God gives people the gift of writing, neh? ^_^ And it's really about more than just love; it's about the way I see the world, and the dreams I wish I could share with everyone, the dreams I try to describe in my writing.

Flurries of snow in dazzling white,
Dancing around me as I watch in wonder—
My heart, my laughter, could never keep up,
As the pure, soft whiteness tears despair asunder.

The snowflakes light like butterflies in my hair,
Their drifting like the beat of my heart.
And as my heart could never keep up with that dance,
My words, to describe what I feel, could never start.

Poetry is reaching, grasping for truth
That defies words, that is beyond song.
How can I even begin to say what I feel?
Whenever I do, it comes out wrong...

If I could give you any gift,
I'd give you joy, and dance, and magic.
But all I have is my words now,
And their lack of articulation is tragic.

Do you know how many times in my life
It hasn't been enough, what I say?
The sweeping waves of life and dreams
Sometimes carry heart and words away.

So maybe you'll see why I'm now at a loss
To find the best dream to give to you.
There's no gift that can say it all,
No object on earth that will ever do.

If I could capture the snow's dancing,
In all its fragile, magical white,
If I could frame the sunset's entrancing,
Or the achingly beautiful starsong of light,

If I could show this world to you,
These dreams that I wonder if only I see,
Maybe you could help me find words for my heart.
Can a soul and dreams find a way to be?

Sunsets on the ocean, music in the stars;
I'll spend my life seeking to explain.
Maybe God could tell me why my heart aches
At the sight of sunlight through the rain.

Maybe there's a name for it, and it's all it needs to be;
Maybe there's a voice to sing that song.
In the end, what is the strongest feeling?
Has it been there all along?

This is my life, and my heart;
Destined to try to dance with the snow.
I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world,
Even if what it is I'll never know.

I used to be alone with a heart too big,
Too big for my world, too big for me,
Trying to dance on a celestial plane
Where mortals such as I could never be.

So what I reach for I can almost touch,
But I can't quite give that dream away.
I want to explain it, to make it real,
But the words to describe it I can never say.

Maybe it's the peace of midnight silence,
The starshine of summer, the winter snowfall,
The ease of your smile, the depths of your eyes,
The sunset and twilight of my heart's call.

An infinity of words can't say it,
And forever's melody can't be sung.
A dream soars so it can't be caught,
No matter how fast or far I run.

But here is the dream straight from my heart;
I give the snow's dancing, and what I dream of.
It's the best I can do, for who can describe
Life's song or star's magic in words beyond love?

I can't give you infinity, so here is my smile,
A snatch of song, a poet's clumsy hand.
I cannot bring the snow's dance to my feet,
But here I am, and here I will stand.

There's silver mist on the window, and sapphire in the sky,
There's a light of love in a stubborn heart—
I'm only me, I'm only human,
But I'll give you this dream from the depths of my heart.

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All poetry ©2001 by Amy Unfred