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The Killandyr Trilogy


The Killandyr Trilogy The Killandyr Trilogy is another fairly old story, one I've been working on for several years. Interestingly enough, the different installments appeared around the same time each year for my first three years of high school. I wrote a short story entitled "Out of the Forest," which later became the first chapter of The Three Wanderers, and published it in my high school's creative writing magazine, The Paragon. The next year, I did another short story called "Another Way" and published it as well, and my junior year I submitted "Royal Magic" to The Paragon. Interestingly enough, "Another Way" is the only short story I've ever actually sent to a publisher. Now, five years later, I can definitely see why the magazine rejected it, but I am proud of myself for actually submitting something! Anyway, each of these stories began to follow a pattern, and I decided they would work very well as a trilogy, each following the adventures of a different generation as they try to keep their kingdom whole and at peace. I haven't worked on the series for quite a while, but I have hopes of reviving it in the near future!


Killandyr is, at first glance, a pretty typical fantasy world with a distinctly medieval style. The timeline, as it is now, goes like this. Once upon a time, the human kingdom and the elven kingdom were one. As time passed, they gradually separated and split into two kingdoms, though relations between them remained friendly. More years passed, and the kingdoms drifted further apart, till eventually they began to simply ignore each other. Each became a fairly isolated kingdom, not interacting much with the outside world. This is about the time period in which Another Way takes place. Several hundred years later, things changed yet again when a new figure rose on the scene—a man newly appointed as the human king's warlord. To find out more, check the story section below. Anyway, many things about the setting will have to be changed; for one thing, I would like to add in a wider variety of races and make the human and elven kingdoms less isolated. I want this world to be more active, with more people, more going on, and more conflict between its different regions. We shall have to see what I come up with!

The Story

Although there isn't a great deal written yet, I have a lot of the story planned out in my head. The Killandyr Trilogy is divided into what will, eventually, be three separate novels: The Three Wanderers, Another Way, and Royal Magic. These are only working titles, of course. Anyway, Wanderers is the first book. Another Way is actually sort of a prequel, which takes place several hundred years before Wanderers. Finally, Royal Magic takes place about ten years after Wanderers, and some of the same characters return. Select a link and read on to find out what happens in these three stories:

The Three Wanderers

Another Way

Royal Magic


| Layna Krinnal | Kyven Jerridan | Tristl Rissalan |
| Kenrik Killandyr | Jerrant Killandyr |
| Kyliana Killandyr | Jend Killandyr | Rendel |

Artwork and Goodies

Unfortunately, I really don't have any goodies for this story! I once drew a picture of Kyliana, but that was four and a half years ago, and my art skills weren't terribly great, so I don't especially want to post it on the net. (Besides, I don't have it scanned, and the drawing is sort of in a different country than I am at the moment. =P ) Well, I do have my sketchbook with me, so if I ever decide to draw any Killandyr characters, I'll be sure to scan and post them!


Status: Work in progress

I haven't actually worked on this story for quite a long time, but I was recently rereading some assorted chapters and thought that I'd like to work on it again. So far I haven't come up with any ideas, but the stories are in my story folder, so the opportunity is always there!

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The Killandyr Trilogy ©2001 Amy Unfred