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Artist Info:
Amateur artist
Styles: Anime mostly
Email her at
Other galleries: None yet
Profile page for Jenn

Jenn doesn't do quite as much art as some of my other friends do, but when she does, some of it turns out really nice! Here are a few pictures of her roleplaying characters in Rivendell and in some of my storylines.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.

Nekoi Kishuu
263x331, 23K
Nekoi Kishuu

It's Nekoi! I really like how this one turned out. Nekoi is catgirl Jedi-in-training with a strong dark side to her, from our Parallel Crossroads Star Wars campaign.
Nekoi Kishuu
225x333, 18K
Nekoi Kishuu

Another picture of Nekoi, poised to fight and ready to ignite her lightsaber.
Darius and Tessamyn
250x402, 32K
Darius and Tessamyn

Aren't they sweet? ^_^ Tessamyn is another of Jenn's Rivendell characters.
Paige Jehcallican
200x356, 21K
Paige Jehcallican

So kawaiiiiiiii! ^_^ Paige is a catgirl Jenn plays in Riv. She's a sweetie, isn't she? Though she does look awfully wistful here.

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All artwork is 2001 by Jenn Pardy.