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Jenn's gallery

Jenn— who is also known by the nicknames Neefie-chan, Jennerz, Jenn-bug, and more— is a very old online friend of mine! She often calls me Oneechan ("big sister") and is always ready with a silly joke or an obscure comment in Japanese! Bright, witty, and thoughtful, Jenn is a wiz at image and midi editing. Capable of both great wisdom and extreme silliness, sometimes both at once, she is a very interesting person. A native Canadian, she has many different projects, including all sorts of roleplaying online and writing an her own anime script. She's a wonderful writer, quite a big anime fan, and a very dramatic roleplayer. Her characters are some of the most complex in Rivendell. Yes, Jenn is a great friend, and we don't know what we'd do without her around to make us smile. ^_^

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