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SD-Isaac by Jennifer


Isaac actually found out about Rivendell when he stumbled across this website! He went from a random wanderer on the net who happened across the Dreamworld page, to a regular in Rivendell, one of my best online friends, and the guy who roleplays that villain of villains, the Lord of Nightmares! Isaac is a huge anime fan, particularly when it comes to Slayers. He's also a really good student and is involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. A very social but hard-working guy, Isaac is a freshman studying computers at a technology school in Texas. Isaac has been a great friend to me and is a really nice guy to know, whether he's springing IC surprises on us while roleplaying or he's just talking out-of-character. Isaac has many friends in Rivendell, and I'm sure we all agree we'd miss him greatly were he not there!

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