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Inspirational Poetry

These poems are mostly religious in nature, inspired by my faith and the optimistic approach I take to my beliefs. If you're feeling down and need a reminder that God's looking out for you, this is the place. ^_^

Make Me Worthy
Written 2/26/01
This was actually inspired by my Grail Legend class. After reading about the heroic knights who sought the Holy Grail, and learning how few were actually found worthy of it (only Galahad fully achieved the Grail), I started thinking about what might be my own personal Grail quest, and whether or not I am worthy of my Grail.

Make me worthy, O Lord,
Of your divine inspiration.
Fill me with Your word;
Make me part of Creation.

Help me to see You,
To see Your truth and light;
Show me how to be like You
And to always do right.

Lift me up to the sky
As I kneel at Your feet.
Teach me how to fly
In Your presence so sweet.

I want to be part of it,
That golden kingdom above.
O Lord, make me fit
And worthy of Your eternal love.

The Master's Power
Written 2/2/97
The poetry itself is not my best work, but I think the idea behind it is a good one, and its imagery is kind of nice.

Who can move the mountains?
Who can touch the sky?
Who can see the wind?
Neither you nor I.

Who can make an ocean?
Who can place the stars?
Who can grow a forest?
The power is not ours.

Who created the heavens
With every step He trod?
Who is Master of this world?
He is the one and only God.

The Age of Dance
Written 4/3/95
I've always thought it would be interesting if you looked at the story of Genesis as both creation and evolution; after all, each "day" in the Bible story could refer to an entire age. So is this poem about creation, or evolution? You tell me...

One day there was Time
And there was Space
And there was Existence
Darkness and Light danced in the newborn heavens
They danced the dance of Life
Together but never merging.
This was the First Age.

One day there were Stars
The Lights of the Circle
The Eternal rhythm of the Heavens
Incandescent beauty of what Is
Galaxies swirled in the Dance of Darkness and Light
There were heavens in the universe
And skies in the worlds.
This was the Second Age.

One day there was a Light
Soft glows became The Star
Swirling in Light and Time
In the Great Dance
And the Light gave birth to Worlds
And one world gave existence to a single Light
To rule the Night as the Star ruled the Day.
This was the Third Age.

One day there was a World
And it had a Sky
And the sky became the Waters
Sapphire and emerald and mist
Dancing in waevs of reflections
Reflections of their mother Sky.
This was the Fourth Age.

One day there was Life
The Great Miracle which arose
Emerging from the waters
Of the newborn world
Colors of magic emerald life
Spread throughout the world
Great leaves of Life
Giving Life and being Life.
This was the Fifth Age.

One day there was a Creature
Which moved across the land
Then walked
Then flew
And suddenly life exploded throughout the World
As great, giant beasts to rule the land
And smaller creatures to give it care
And the great beasts departed
The Ones of the Mind arose
And the other creatures bowed down before them.
This was the Sixth Age.

One day there was a Universe
Of joy and life and laughter and love
And the Dance existed
The One Who Created
Ceased to create
As all the Universe bowed down
And the One Who Created
Watched the Great Dance unfold
And it was Good.
This was the Seventh Ageó
The Age of Dance.

Sadly Praying
Written 12/4/95
I wrote this during the difficult task of trying to love my enemies, after I was betrayed by a friend.

You call me weak
But I am strong.
I am me;
You can't change that.
I'll show you
By my silence.
I refuse to defend myself
I refuse to denounce you
I'll only sit here
In silence
And pray for you.

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All poetry ©2001 by Amy Unfred