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Poetry for Friends

Sometimes when a friend is going through an emotional time, whether positive or negative, the best way for me to show my sympathy or encouragement is by writing them a poem. Here you can find a small selection of these poems I've written for others.

Listen to Your Heart
Written 1/30/97
I wrote this for a friend who was having to make a tough decision about a hurtful relationship he was in. I've always really liked this poem...

When the world turns you upside down
And life becomes confusing
Listen to your heart.
When nothing makes sense anymore
And you seem to think you're losing
Listen to your heart.
For life isn't easy;
It's not supposed to be that way.
And how to make things fair
Is more than I can say;
So listen to your heart, my friend,
And do what you know is right,
And maybe someday you will find
That you have won the fight.

Always There
Written 1/25/99
This was written for a friend who meant a great deal to me and had helped me through some rough times.

Did I ever tell you "Thank you"
For all the times you've been there for me?
No matter how many times I needed you,
There you would always be.

When my tears began to fall again,
You were always there to dry them.
You'd reassure me with your smile,
And I'd never need to cry, then.

When I try to heal someone's wounded heart,
It never seems quite right, somehow.
I can't calm fears the way you do,
But still, I do the best I know how.

Make me this promise, to never forget
That when the pain in your heart is strong,
You can come to me, and I'll try to repay you;
For I'll be here for you, as I've been all along.

For a Friend in Love
Written 1998
Pretty self-explanatory—I wrote this for a friend who had fallen in love; she was happy, but shaken and confused. *smile* I think we've all been there...

Life's a frightening thing, but wonderful too.
Things happen, unexpected, that scare you to death,
But you don't know how happy I am for you.
One step at a time, and take a deep breath.

Sometimes you should question, sometimes accept;
But remember how precious this thing is you've found.
I know at advising I'm not always adept,
But I'll do my best, I'm here for you, I'm always around.

Some of the best joys are those not your own.
It makes me feel good to see you so glad...
You're scared, it's true, but you know you're not alone.
There's no reason at all to think this thing is bad.

What's most stunning indeed is the sheer strength,
The storybook magic of this story you've told.
If only such happiness had unending length...
But maybe it will, as in those days of old!

But one thing I know, this magic is real.
Trust in God's will; it's not too good to be true.
You're frightened but happy; let that excitement you feel
Continue to shine, and life will be wonderful for you.

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All poetry ©2001 by Amy Unfred