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Dreamworld Fanclub

Welcome! You've reached the Dreamworld Saga Fanclub, where you can find a list of all those who have shown their particular support for the Dreamworld. Would you like to join the club? It's simple, and there's no just means you get your own little spot with your email address and a link to your website (if you choose), and you are one of the first to be notified of updates and new projects related to The Dreamworld Saga. It'll take some time to get a new submit script made, so until then, if you'd like to join the fanclub, just email me at with this information: Your name or nickname, your email address, your website URL, a quote if you would like one, and whether or not I have permission to display your email and URL on this page. Thanks, and don't forget to join the Dreamworld Saga mailing list if you're interested!

Sierra Moonshadow
Sierra roleplays in Rivendell.

Elfie the Small One
Elfie is a roleplayer in the Dreamworld Saga and can occasionally be found in Riv!

Sabrina is another roleplayer in Riv.

Another supporter of the DWS!

The infamous Lord of Nightmares! One of our DWS gang in Riv, and one of my bodyguards. ^_~
"In the bliss of dreams reality becomes all that much more hopeful..."

Flint Fireforge
Yet another of the original DWS roleplaying gang

Sentressa Donlan
A great roleplayer, well-known in Riv and in the DWS and other storylines
"Still waters run deep, torrent ones are bottomless."

Mark "Kramhacker"
Mark the "Star Wars King" is a DWS roleplayer and one of my bodyguards. ^_^

Cpt. Calandryll De'serka
The Dreamworld Saga Online
One of the most famous roleplayers in the DWS, and creator of several DWS-inspired projects.

Another supporter from the web!

Violet Sunstar
Another fan of the Dreamworld
"Violet Sunstar is an elf/mage and is very likable."

Oliver de Lyons
A Scadian who found the Dreamworld in his wanderings
"No man lives forever—naught but dreams ever do."

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