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SD-Elfie by Jennifer

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Elfie's gallery

Elfie has been my real-life best friend for more than seven years now, ever since I met her back in 1993! Elfie is just her nickname, but it fits her extremely well. Small and cute and very elflike, she is almost 23 and is thinking about a possible career as a professional artist. Elfie loves to write fantasy, draw beautiful pictures, read all sorts of books (particularly fantasy), study medieval times and legends, embroider, dance, attend SCA events, and of course, roleplay with us in Rivendell from time to time. The Dreamworld Saga character Jessie was originally based on her, in fact...which explains why she plays Jessie so well! A hopeless romantic and a wonderful, caring friend who is always full of fun and hyperness, there's no doubt that Elfie is one of the most well-liked people I know.

(Incidentally, as Elfie IS the mistress of silliness, her weapons of choice are: the chibi wand, the hentai hammer, and the mega-beet. =P Don't ask.)

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