The Dreamworld Saga

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Robert Marinel
Robert Marinel
(Robert Oceansong)

Robert is very tall and rather skinny, with reddish, unruly hair and brown eyes. He is an extremely intelligent young man, but his social skills can be somewhat lacking...he isn't very observant and tends to say tactless things without realizing it. However, he does have a vivid imagination and a good sense of insight and intuition.

At the beginning of the story, Robert is also transported to the Dreamworld along with Ariana and Jessie, but he reacts somewhat differently to the place. He's always had a big imagination and a sense of wonder for the world around him, but he has a harder time accepting what he experiences in the Dreamworld than the girls do. As a result, the Dreamworld holds special dangers for him...and special opportunities, as well. Perhaps Robert can turn the disasters that may await him into great adventures...

Pictures of Robert:

321x400, 47K
Original art by Amy
300x325, 30K
Original art by Amy
300x550, 32K
Original art by Amy

Robert's Stats:

Hair:Reddish-brown, rather unruly
Build:Tall and skinny
Usual clothing:Button up shirts and slacks or jeans
Abilities:An extremely good intellect and high intelligence; has a tendency to rely a bit too much on logic and knowledge, however

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