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Other Characters

Welcome! Here you'll find profiles of all the characters who live in the Dreamworld. All of these characters are technically dreams, although they are of the more "real" type, the DreamWarriors actually having a human appearance. The DreamWarrior class, though I created it, has been greatly developed and expanded by Jenn. Many thanks for the great ideas, Jenn-chan! *hugs*

| Winter| Xeth| Kendalie| Astera|


Profession/Race: Moonlight wolf
Homeworld: The Dreamworld
Age: 200
Fur: Silver-gray
Eyes: Ice blue
Weapon: None (He's a wolf, for heaven's sakes! ^_~ )
Abilities: Strategy, wolf-style fighting, mindspeech
Pictures: Winter's pic is photo of a wolf with colorized eyes.
Winter (208x263, 37K)

Personality and background:
Winter is the leader of a pack of moonlight wolves, which are the counterparts of the nightmarish shadow wolves. Winter is the first dream creature to find Ariana when she first arrives in the Dreamworld, and they eventually become good friends. Winter is dignified, calm, comforting, and protective, taking it upon himself to guide Ariana and her friends and aid them in their quest to find out why they are in the Dreamworld, and how to get home. Winter has interesting ways of addressing people; for example, he calls Xeth "flightling," and he sometimes refers to Jessie as "girl-human." Ariana, however, he almost always calls "she-cub."


Profession/Race: Pixant (male pixie)
Homeworld: The Dreamworld
Age: ? (looks about 17)
Hair: Shaggy, brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: Thin and wiry, about six inches tall, with dragonfly wings
Usual clothing: Raggedy brown tunic and leggings that resemble leaves
Weapon: Sword
Abilities: Swordsmanship and light magic; can focus his magic in his sword
Pictures: Original art by Amy
Xeth! (250x316, 32K)

Personality and background:
It's Xeth! Xeth is possibly my most popular character so far. He's already got at least three fangirls, one of them in another country! O_o Heehee, but he's a cutie. Xeth is a fairy—er, that is, a pixant (a male pixie; pixants think "fairy" and "pixie" are sissy names; Xeth is very touchy about this). A light-hearted little prankster with a definite streak of mischief, Xeth is, however, very fierce in defending his friends and standing up for what he believes. That is, if you can ever get him to stop zipping around in the air and laughing at people! Xeth has a wonderful sense of humor and a sharp wit, and he's also very persistent (and sometimes annoying). Xeth becomes particularly good friends with Jessie; he's the first dream creature she meets in the Dreamworld.

No image yet

Profession/Race: Shelandi
Homeworld: The Dreamworld
Age: 20
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Bright purple
Build: Tall and slender, somewhat slight; has huge, white, feathered wings
Usual clothing: Flowing white and lavender, Greek-style chiton and robes
Weapon: None usually; sometimes a dagger
Abilities: Weather and wind magic; some healing ability; can fly
Pictures: None yet

Personality and background:
Kendalie is a very timid person, but a very powerful dream. Her one major fault is her complete lack of self-confidence and her incredible shyness. When the story's heroes are first transported to the Dreamworld, she comes across Robert and follows him secretly for a time, curious about who he is and where he is from. She may even have a little crush on cute! ^_~ However, danger awaits Robert in the Dreamworld. If and when it finds him, will Kendalie dare to follow? How much interest does she really have in these strange teenagers from another world, and how much is she willing to risk for them?

Astera Illumina

Astera Illumina

Profession/Race: White tiger from another world; Guardian of the Dreamworld
Homeworld: The Dreamworld (before that, no one knows)
Age: More than a millennium
Fur: Snow-white with black stripes
Eyes: Ice blue
Weapon: None
Abilities: Aside from the usual abilities of the Dreamworld's Guardian, she also has a great deal of peace, wisdom, and mystery about her.
Pictures: Astera's image is photo of a white tiger.
Astera Illumina (287x183, 14K)

Personality and background:
Astera Illumina is a character shrouded in mystery. A large, dignified, and graceful white tiger with the power of mindspeak, she is the current Guardian of the Dreamworld. Ariana, Jessie, Robert, and their newfound friends have reason to believe that it was Astera who summoned them to that world, in order to save it from some sort of danger. But what is the nature of that danger...and how are they to find Astera, who seems to have disappeared?

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