The Dreamworld Saga

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The Dreamworld Saga

The Dreamworld Saga is continually changing and evolving, and you may notice that the story summarized here is rather different from the story in Rivendell. Basically, anything here is subject to change! This story probably won't be finished until it's sent to a publisher, and perhaps not even then! Such is the way of writing. ^_~

Ariana Aislinn, Jessie Carlisle, and Robert Marinel are all (relatively) ordinary high schoolers at a typical American high school, just having finished their sophomore year. They are imaginative, and all three are daydreamers, given to strange flights of fancy...but for the most part, they expect a rather typical summer ahead of them. This is not to be, however. At some point these three characters begin to have strange, vivid dreams. While the images and places they see are more unreal than even their imaginations have come up with before, the dreams themselves are strangely detailed and almost startlingly real. All three of them are sure that the dreams have some sort of meaning, but they aren't sure what it is.

I haven't yet worked out the details, but eventually Ariana, Robert, and Jessie will either find a portal or suddenly vanish. They'll find themselves in the Dreamworld, having been physically transported there. After a while they'll meet new friends—strange creatures that introduce themselves as actual dreams. These characters include Winter the moonlight wolf, Xethyryndan the pixant (male pixie), and Kendalie, of the Shelandi race.

Finally, Ariana and her friends discover that for some reason, the Dreamworld is dying, and they have been brought there to save it. But how will they manage to do that...and what will it cost them?

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The Dreamworld Saga ©2001 Amy Unfred