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Jessie Wildheart
Jessie Carlisle
(Jessie Wildheart)

Jessie is Ariana's best friend; they've known each other since the beginning of high school. A happy, bouncy girl with a kind of joyful youth to her that refuses to be suppressed, no matter how difficult things get. She is rather tiny and slight, with an elfin face, long, silky, auburn hair, and sky blue eyes. Jessie is eager and imaginative, a hopeless romantic who puts her whole self into whatever she happens to be doing or feeling at the moment. She has a tendency towards impetuosity and extreme stubbornness, but she is also extremely generous and kind, and an eternal optimist. She rarely lets anything put her in a serious mood for too long, but if any of her friends are ever upset and need someone to talk to, she's there in an instant.

Jessie's hobbies include drawing, reading, roleplaying, and fencing. She is just as imaginative as Ariana, and perhaps even more impractical. She's reasonably intelligent, but primarily she lives by her heart, not by her intellect. What she feels is more important than what she thinks, in her mind, and she tends to live by gut instinct. Unfortunately, this often translates to flying by the seat of her pants through life! But whenever Jessie gets herself into trouble, Ariana and Robert are always there to get her out of it.

Jessie was originally based on my best friend Elfie, and in many ways she is still a lot like her. (In fact, Elfie even plays Jessie in Rivendell!) However, characters change and evolve, so Jessie has become rather different in the novel from what Elfie is like in real life. The differences are subtle, but they are there, and Jessie is a character who is always changing and growing. Who knows where she'll end up? ^_^

Pictures of Jessie:

190x400, 27K
Original art by Amy
292x550, 32K
Original art by Amy
562x200, 57K
Sketches by Amy
297x600, 77K
Sketches by Amy

Jessie's Stats:

Hair:Cinnamon brown
Eyes:Sky blue
Build:Short (5'2") and slender, very slight
Usual clothing:Jeans and t-shirts; sometimes medieval-style clothes (poet's blouses, boots, etc.)
Abilities:Fencing skills, a sharp wit, a charming smile, and incurable optimism

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