The Dreamworld Saga

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The Dreamworld Saga

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The Dreamworld Saga

The Dreamworld Saga first began many years ago. The first inspiration for it was a story I began to write about a girl and a boy who were somehow trapped inside their dreams. A few years later, back in 1995, I decided to write a story about me and two of my friends in the same situation, but this story followed a much different plot. I wrote the first few chapters and then abandoned it. About a year and a half later I suddenly started working on it again, however, and I'm still not sure why. I think it was a desire to do something during U. S. History class other than history. ^_~ *L* This new version of the story picked up a little after the first left off. The characters' names were changed, and they had more developed personalities. The plotline was very choppy and meandered about too much, and the story was just way too melodramatic. So after the fun in simply writing melodrama wore off, I put the story away. The Dreamworld plot didn't surface again until 1997, when I began roleplaying Ariana in Rivendell. Pretty soon an entire storyline grew around her, and thus began the new incarnation of The Dreamworld Saga! I did, of course, begin rewriting the story, and while I've only finished the first three chapters of the latest version, I'm always thinking about ways to refine it and ways for the plot to make more sense. This is probably my favorite story out of all those I've written, and while I'm not sure of my plans for it, I know I want it to be published someday!


The Dreamworld Saga actually covers quite a variety of settings—it takes place in three different worlds! Well, to be honest, I'm not sure how I plan to work that in the novel. I know that the real world will play a part, and then much of the novel will take place in the Dreamworld; I may also include another world or two, probably a medieval fantasy world of some sort. Anyway, the Dreamworld itself is the world that people glimpse when they dream. Most people don't actually go there, and it takes powerful magic to cross from a world into the Dreamworld. The Dreamworld touches all worlds, and all dreamers glimpse it when they dream. Almost anything can exist in the Dreamworld. Reflections of other worlds, impossible places, things that couldn't exist anywhere else...anything. Dreams themselves take on many forms; some are places, some are things, some are creatures—even people. Some dreams have a set form, and others do not, taking their form from the ideas in the dreamer's mind. The Dreamworld is a land of endless mysteries, and by the end of the novel, Ariana has barely begun to unlock them...

The Story

Ariana's story in the novel is definitely a bit different from her story in Rivendell. There's also not as much here, because I don't want to give too much away! But click below for what little tidbits I am willing to reveal... ^_~

The Story of the Dreamworld


Well, the number of characters in the novel is certainly more manageable than the ones for the roleplay! Of course, the RP storyline has gotten so generally nifty that any of the original characters in it, assuming their players don't mind, are fair game for the novel. For example, there's just no way Calan's going to be left out! ^_~ I haven't made many firm decisions about characters for the novel, but here are the ones that are in it now!

Ariana Dreamstar
Jessie Wildheart
Robert Marinel
Other Characters

Artwork and Goodies

There are a lot of stories, poems, music, and artwork inspired by The Dreamworld Saga, too much to list here until I get it all organized! But until then, you can find what I've got up on the site in the individual sections for poetry, music, art, etc. Stories to be posted as soon as I get around to putting them into html format. Thanks for your patience! ^_~

If you just can't wait, check out Ryan's page for The Dreamworld Saga Online, a multiplayer online roleplaying game we're making, using the Well of Souls game engine. It promises to be a lot of fun if we ever get it finished! If you'd like to help out, go browse the page and see what we need. Arigatou!


Status: Work in progress
The latest version of The Dreamworld Saga is sort of temporarily on hold, but I'm always turning over new ideas in my head! Right now, the first three chapters are completed, but writer's block has prevented me from working on it more. Hopefully I will soon be able to continue! I know I will finish this story someday and publish it, however; rest assured I won't let it remain unfinished, since it's my very favorite story! ^_~

Check out the Dreamworld Saga roleplay!

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