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Ariana Dreamstar
Ariana Dreamstar
(Ariana Aislinn)

When we first meet Ariana, she goes by the name she was born with, Ariana Aislinn. She's a high school girl (just out of her sophomore year) at a fairly typical American high school. I hesitate to say that Ariana herself is typical; she really isn't! She loves fantasy novel and daydreaming, and while she is a very friendly girl, she's just not into the social scene. She prefers to spend time with her two closest friends, Jessie Carlisle and Robert Marinel, rather than hanging out with a large group. Jessie and Robert have similar interests and big imaginations, but neither has the pure ability to get as carried away as Ariana! Sometimes they have to physically shake her out of her daydreams. ^_~

Ariana has a soft smile and a sweet voice, and she is slender and of medium height. Her long, ash-blond hair falls gently down her back, and she has bright, blue-green eyes. Her personality changes a bit as a result of her adventures in the Dreamworld; she grows up a little and learns more about herself, as of course all heroes must. ^_^ But rest assured she will always remain a bright, imaginative, friendly, determined, and sweetly innocent young woman, a hopeless romantic with an overactive imagination, whose greatest power is her ability to love.

Ariana is a character based on me. She's not exactly like me; nor is she perfect...rather, I suppose I would say she exhibits all the qualities I like best about myself. ^_^ She's the kind of person I want to be.

Pictures of Ariana:

325x421, 44K
Original art by Young Wang
172x400, 14K
Original art by Neshad
262x330, 34K
Original art by Amy
(These are all pictures of Ariana after she goes to the Dreamworld—she certainly doesn't dress like this at school! ^_~ )

Ariana's Stats:

Profession:High school student
Hair:Long, ash-blond
Eyes:Bright blue-green
Build:Slender, medium height
Usual clothing:T-shirts and jeans
Abilities:Fairly intelligent and resourceful; very imaginative and somewhat empathic

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