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Downloads for you! There's not a whole lot here at the moment, unfortunately, but perhaps later I'll have more. Still, there are two wallpapers and a Winamp skin! If you'd like to contribute anything, just email me at Thanks!

Oh, and if you like my 3D graphics, you can find more here:
Amy's 3D Art Gallery

Desktop Wallpaper

Road to the Future
"Road to the Future"

This is the image I made in my 3D computer graphics class in spring 2000, for the SIGGRAPH competition themed "Millennium 2000". I chose to use the Emerald City as my inspiration— apologies to L. Frank Baum! I really loved the Oz books when I was a kid. ^_^

Available in two resolutions:
800x600 (151K)
640x480 (92K)

Desktop Wallpaper

Lost Ruins
"Lost Ruins"

For this group project, I was project leader, made the sky sphere, put together all the elements, and tweaked the color, finish, and lighting. Tom Gwynn made the tree, Brian Yost made the building, and Kevin Hoiland made the landscape.

Available in two resolutions:
800x600 (153K)
640x480 (80K)

Winamp Skin


My first (and so far only) attempt at making a Winamp skin. I've been told it's awfully bright, but I kinda like it...unfortunately, it was made before the new version of Winamp came out, so there's no skin for the equalizer, playlist, or minibrowser. Oh well, you'll live. =P Hope you like it!

Dreamsong (80K)

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Images are ©2001 by Amy Unfred, Tom Gwynn, Brian Yost, and Kevin Hoiland.