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Ways to Contact Me

Want to get in touch with me? Here are several ways you can do so! The best way is really email, but if you want to get in touch immediately, you can also send me an ICQ message. I'm hoping to get a script worked out for a survey, so you can tell me how interested you'd be in buying a Dreamworld novel when it's finished, and whether you'd be interested in other DWS products and other stories I'm working on, but for now you'll just have to email me if you're interested. ^_^ I'd also love to hear from you if you have suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism about my webpage or any of my projects. Negative feedback is okay as long as it is constructive, meaning don't just tell me you don't like my page, tell me why! Flames will be deleted. All other emails will be saved and cherished for posterity. *grin* Read on for my email address, ICQ, and other information.

Oh, one other thing I think needs to be said, and I'll try to keep it short as I plan to put up a rant on the subject later. I've received a couple emails in the past accusing me of being "evil" for having a webpage on fantasy. Please do not send me such emails. If you would like to have a mature religious debate, I will consider it, but it greatly offends me when people send me immature emails telling me I'm going to hell. I am a Christian and I believe that fantasy can actually teach us about ourselves, serve a constructive purpose, and, in some cases, even build up our faith. If you do not agree, you are entitled to that opinion, but please don't flame me because you don't like my views! That being said, message away! ^_^

Email address:
I check my email fairly often, anywhere from every couple or three days to several times a day. I'm not always too quick about writing back since I'm so busy, but I'll do my best!

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Leave your comments in my guestbook so others can see too! I love knowing you've been here. ^_^

My ICQ contact page
I'm on ICQ a good deal of the time. You must have my authorization to add me to your contact list, and I usually don't authorize people I don't know, but you're welcome to message me if you want to chat about the Dreamworld! If you don't have ICQ, you can send me a pager message at the above URL.

Yahoo ID:
I do have Yahoo Messenger, but it's hardly ever on. =P Still, you can add me if you want.

Rivendell Common Room
Sword and Helm
I can occasionally be found chatting or roleplaying in Rivendell, usually in one of the three rooms above. I'm most often there as Ariana Dreamstar, so send me a whisper if you want to say hi or if you need help with anything!

Mailing Lists:
Dreamworld Saga mailing list
Star Wars: Parallel Crossroads list
I moderate both of these mailing lists. The Dreamworld list is great to join if you'd like to receive updates on the story or the webpage, or chat with DWS roleplayers and fans. The Star Wars list is for roleplaying Parallel Crossroads. You must have a character approved to play, but joining the list in order to watch is also okay if you check with me first.

Lunarnet: Port 6667
Sometimes you can find me on Lunarnet, usually in #rpgcafe. If I'm there I'll probably be using the handle "Amy."

Well of Souls:
Well of Souls homepage
This is an online multiplayer RPG I've recently gotten hooked on. If you want to go bash monsters with me, you can usually find me as Ariana Dreamstar on the Blue Crescent, or another Evergreen server. Ryan is currently working on a Dreamworld Saga version of the game, so watch for more info as the game production progresses!

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