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Artist Info:
Aspiring artist
Styles: Anime, furries, realistic, traditional fantasy, landscapes, etc.
Email her at
Other galleries: Virtual Insanity
Profile page for Bonnie

Yayyy for Bonnie-chan! I don't have too many of Bonnie's pictures up, but she churns them out like crazy and has a huge number up on several different galleries. So if you like what you see here, be sure to check out what else she's done!

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.

Spyro Dragon
284x287, 17K
Spyro Dragon

I'm, er, mildly obsessed with the Spyro the Dragon series of video games, so Bonnie drew this cute little dragon for me in the Spyro style!
300x300, 29K

Wow! Can you believe Bonnie drew this on an Oekaki board, using just a mouse? It's sooo nifty! I love the colors. Very nice!
Angel Girl
260x355, 32K
Angel Girl

A charcoal drawing of an incredible sweet looking angel...
I Want to Know You More
300x300, 10K
"I Want to Know You More"

A beautiful and inspired picture made on an Oekaki board...perfect for Easter.
288x679, 40K

Here's Bonnie's character in my Waverunners campaign! She tried to draw this picture sort of in my artistic style.
383x440, 42K

This is a very colorful picture of Bonita, in sort of a Disney style.
Chibi Riv Gang
400x448, 42K
Chibi Riv Gang

Heehee! It's Elfie, Nate, Bonnie, and Mark, with their favorite anime characters! Elfie's dressed as lina, holding a doll of Xellos, our Navy-boy Nate is holding a Rei doll, and Bonnie has James Rocket. Marky and Gourry are being chased by Sylphiel!
Elfie-chan and Xellos
250x220, 10K
Elfie and Xellos

It's Elfie-chan and Xellos! This was drawn on an Oekaki board.

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All artwork is 2001 by Bonnie Brooks.