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Anime Bonnie by Bonnie

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Bonnie's gallery

Bonnie is another aspiring artist, a fun-loving girl who's nuts about anime and animation, and has a serious fetish for guys with blue hair! ^_~ Bonnie loves things like Slayers, Pokemon, Disney, and all kinds of roleplaying, particularly those storylines that are anime-related. Regardless of the theme, however, Bonnie is a great roleplayer, and a darn good GM as well! She's also a wonderful artist and did a few of the really nifty banners on this page. ^_^ Arigatou, Bonnie! Right now she's trying to decide where she wants to go next in life, since she's about ready to go to college...but wherever she ends up, she'll probably continue to churn out artwork at a very fast pace! Bonnie is an extremely silly person, but also a devoted Christian with a huge collection of Christian music. ^_^ She has an unusual approach to her beliefs, a mixture of serious and silly. I'm sure our lives would be a lot more boring if Bonnie weren't around!

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