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Artist Info:
Amateur artist
Styles: Anime, realistic, personal style
Email her at
Other galleries: None yet
Profile page for Annie

Annie's the sort who probably doesn't consider herself a serious artist, but she likes to doodle, and some of her doodles are darn good! She can do anime, but she also has a very unique style of her own as well.

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Aurora Sonrei
250x637, 21K
Aurora Sonrei

This is Aurora, Annie's doppelganger character from our Parallel Crossroads Star Wars campaign. Aurora kicks some serious butt! I like this picture; it has a very unique, rather American style to it. So much of the art here is more Japanese than this!
Aedan Dosiere
350x363, 34K
Aedan Dosiere

Heh...this picture is actually supposed to be Dax, but we later agreed that it looks more like Aedan. (Both are Waverunners characters.) For one thing, this guy's too serious— Dax always has an infuriating smirk!
400x340, 47K

I think this is a picture Annie drew of one of her friends. It's very cute— very anime. ^_^ I like the way the hair looks!
188x415, 37K

An anime character that Annie and one of her friends made up one day. She looks nifty, ne? ^_^

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All artwork is ©2001 by Anna Hickman.